“Manichini” by Daniele Pace


english version below
Manichini come specchio della società? Secondo Daniele Pace, fotografo romano, il rapporto tra i personaggi delle vetrine e gli individui che popolano la società contemporanea è correlato, all’insegna della dicotomia tra l’apparenza e il valore reale dell’individuo: “Il progetto Manichini nasce circa un anno fa quando, trovandomi davanti a una vetrina di Roma, ho fotografato questi oggetti inanimati, ma esteticamente perfetti. Associai subito questo stato alla società di oggi che vive molto delle apparenze, a volte fregandosene del vero valore di noi stessi”.

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May 2018


May was a very strange month, full of rain (I do not know where you come from, but in Rome it’s something really atypical), so most of my pictures are in a rainy mood. As always in this gallery I chose my 10 best shots of last month. Summer is coming…

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March 2018


Another month is ending, winter is finished and spring is slowly coming to us. March is famous for its rain, reason why most of my photos are full of water and umbrellas. I’ve walked a lot last month, I’m training for my “Roma Coast to Coast” (a 21km photo walk) in April. So here we are, these are my 10 best shots of March.

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“Quartetti Sotterranei” by Massimiliano Vecchi

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[ENG] “Underground Quartets (even not complete)”, a photographic project by Massimiliano Vecchi, highlights the daily life of Rome in one of the landmarks of street photography: the underground. The story unfolds along the tracks of a continuously changing underground and tells in person, through the faces and actions of the people, unique fragments of life and moments of passage in the subsoil of the Eternal City.

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Street Photography by Wenpeng Lu

Today I want to focus on a very interesting street photographer, a Chinese motion designer based in Paris, Wenpeng Lu. He shoots with a fixed focal lens, after seven years on 35mm, he switched to 28mm since July 2016. I find amazing how he use the colors of the street on his pictures, focusing on a decisive moment to catch shadows, people and beautiful chromatic associations. His website www.luwenpeng.net definitely worths a glimpse.



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December 2017

Another month is gone and, with it, another year. Well, like every 30 or 31 days, here my monthly selection of photos: my 10 best shots of December. Don’t forget to show me your best pictures, here or on my Facebook group (join us here: Living Is Easy With One Eye Closed). Next month, the first month of the year: be ready, I wish you a very happy new year and always keep in mind three simple words: Live, Love, Laugh. See you in 2018.



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