Streets of Istanbul

As I’ve already told you in the last posts, I’m organizing my archive, I’m opening all the folders I have since 2009 to create a good selection of images for my archive. Today I want to show you some pictures of my travel in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. All the images are taken in 2012.

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Intervista su Rolling Pandas

Stamattina è uscita su Rolling Pandas una mia intervista dedicata al rapporto tra il viaggio e la fotografia: è stato bello tornare con la mente ad alcuni momenti, soprattutto in questi giorni in cui ovviamente siamo tutti fermi in casa. Potete leggere l’intervista cliccando su questo link: Un viaggiatore romantico, in cui, tra le altre cose, racconto anche come è nata la fotografia che vedete qui sotto.

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Travels (2009-2019)

Grazie a Saal Digital Italia per avermi permesso di testare il Fotolibro Professional Line. Già in passato ero rimasto molto soddisfatto dei prodotti Saal, ma questa volta si sono superati: copertina in metacrilato e pelle, colori perfetti, qualità della carta eccezionale e devo dire che mi sono trovato benissimo anche con il programma di impaginazione, semplice e intuitivo.

Ho approfittato di questa prova prodotto per raccogliere i ricordi di dieci anni di viaggi: TRAVELS racconta i miei passi a partire dal maggio del 2009, quando sono partito per Parigi, fino a novembre 2019, dove sono arrivato ad Amman. Nel mezzo c’è tanta Europa, gli Stati Uniti e soprattutto l’America Latina. Un pezzo di vita e tanti meravigliosi ricordi da oggi nella mia libreria di casa. Grazie Saal!

Best of 2019

2019 is almost gone. For me it’s been a year full of satisfactions: first of all, it’s been my very first year of Photography. I mean, for the first time, since last december, photography is been my only job and this is something incredible to me. 2019 led me to Milan for a photo fair and in the village of Amandola, to teach photography to a group of young students (amazing experience). In June I went to Chicago to exhibit my Urban Melodies and I had a flashtalk about my project at Pritzker Forum on Global Cities, it’s been the greatest thing ever happened to me as a photographer. I began my new series Film People and I’m loving it (last week it’s been featured on Vanity Fair!), I went in Greece, to shoot a wonderful wedding and to Amman, Jordan, for a job that made me improve as a photographer. I won Roma Photo Marathon, a great satisfaction. Then, I had the chance to spend in Monopoli my summer holidays and in Sicily my Christmas holidays. I’ve changed apartment in Rome, so it’s been a year full of changes and new expreriences. I tried to collect a random selection of my best street photos of this 2019, I don’t know if I did a good selection, but here they are.

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“Japan” by Daniele Salutari


The country that I always dream about is, without any doubt, Japan. I’d really like to visit it one day, I think it would be the best for my photography style and for my taste. When this amazing country meets a great street photographer like Daniele Salutari, after seeing the images I dream of Japan even more, if possible. But words are not enough to explain it, let the images talk! Enjoy this gallery and visit Daniele’s website or Instagram.

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Travel Photography by Callie Eh


It’s monday. The best way to begin a new week is watching a breathless gallery of beautiful pictures. Today I want to introduce you a great travel photographer, Callie Eh, from Malaysia: “I got my first DSRL 2008 and started taking photos during my travel. While I always enjoyed capturing the special moments but for me becoming a photographer is not something I have planned in the first place. I knew that i felt passionate about it but never take it really seriously, well not until 2015  when I came to Poland by chance of coincidence I met G coffee Company owner Gaston Sitbon, he seemed to really love my photographs and would love exhibit my photos at his cafe, since then the passion of photography is growing intensely. My passion for photography has changed my view of the world. I travel to different countries, and document my exploration through my camera. I love to photograph human interest and cultural of people. My goal is to show people with my photos that can warm their heart and the same feeling that I have brought to the photograph”.

So let’s warm your heart too and enjoy this beautiful gallery. Thank you Callie!

[Looking for more inspiration? Join us in the group Living Is Easy With One Eye Closed]

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