How To Make A List Of Street Photographers?

“Roma” and “Street Photography” are two things that I have in my mind, always. Sometimes I wonder who, besides me, is telling my city through this photographic genre. Once there was a community of Roman street photographers, but after the pandemic that community not exists anymore (very sad, I know). So, I’d like to jot down a list of all the street photographers based in Rome, just to map who is telling my city through Street Photography. Please, suggest me what requirements a photographer need to have to be on this list: a website? Constancy? Exhibitions? Features on a magazine? Or what? I don’t want to judge the quality, it’s not my intent, only understand why a person should be on this list. Who can be defined street photographer? I mean, taking street photos twice in a year is not enough, I guess. Any idea?

Please help me to understand how to make this list and if you also have some name, be my guest!

In the meanwhile, a small gallery with some street photo of Rome, taken by other photographers.

(Stefano Mirabella)

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