365 Project – Day 36

5 February 2021, Rome (Italy)
This street artwork always makes me think of a poem by Walt Whitman, where he said: “Day by day and night by night we were together – all else has long been forgotten by me”. But we often find it paraphrased in this famous quote: “We were together. I forget the rest”.

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September 2018


Hi everybody. Just a little update before showing you my monthly selection with the 10 best photos I’ve taken in September. Well, I’ve been in London to realize a new set of Urban Melodies (you can watch some of them on my FB page or Instagram). Then I had to work a lot for my upcoming exhibition and for some commissioned works. So it’s explained my lack of presence on this blog, I’m really sorry. I’d like to post more constantly, but time is really a issue. By the way, London was amazing. Well, here my 10 best street photos of September, hope you’ll like them.

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Roma Coast to Coast 2018


Last week I again realized the project I work on every year: the Roma Coast to Coast. It’s a 21-kilometer photographic walk along the entire Metro Line. In 2015 I walked along Line A, from Battistini to Anagnina. This year I made the return: from Anagnina to Battistini, crossing a multitude of shades of Rome.

21 kilometers of photographs and people, 21 kilometers of Street Photography. In the gallery a small selection of images, but you can watch the complete report on my Facebook page.

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10 Beautiful Spots To Take Photos In Rome

Rome. ROMA. The eternal city. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Maybe the best one to visit: we have sun, delicious food, tons of history, nice people and, for a photographer, incredible spots to take pictures. I tried to write a list with ten beautiful places you shouldn’t miss in your roman trip, maybe it could be helpful…

Giardino degli Aranci
If you like panoramic photography, this is the spot you are looking for. A garden on the top of Aventine Hill (Colle Aventino, next to Circo Massimo metro station), where you can take beautiful picture of the city and declare your love to someone, as well! I suggest to go there during the sunset, where the atmosphere is really magic.

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“Roma Coast to Coast – Linea B” by Alessio Trerotoli

I’m sorry for the late. I didn’t have time to post anything on my blog for more than ten days, and I’m really sorry for it. Well, in my last post I was talking about the second part of my project Roma Coast to Coast (a walking trip through Rome, touching all the stations of the underground). In this second part I walked for 21km in 8 hours and 30 minutes. I’ve seen 22 stations of the B Line of the underground, 22 different ways to watch Rome. Here a little selection of pictures (but you can watch the whole gallery – 167 photos – on Facebook).

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