365 Project – Day 3

3 January 2021, Rome (Italy)
Italy is in a Red Zone today, it means that we are not allowed to go out. Stuck in my place, I’ve observed the rain out of my window. It’s still raining and I wonder who’ll stop the rain.

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November 2020

November is gone. It’s been a strange month for me. I faced a creative crisis, I had great difficult to leave my apartment to take some pictures but in the same time I won a photo contest and I received a new camera as prize. That gave me some motivations to go out and take pictures, so I began to shoot something with my new Ricoh. The images of this selection are a mix between my two cameras, Ricoh and Canon. Nothing incredible, but I’m happy to had the possibility to take some photos. Here a small selection of my 10 best street pictures of the last month. And how are you? Did you take some good photo in the last weeks?

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Autumn Came: My New Set Of Raindrop Blues

Autumn finally came, after the warmest september of the last years (at least here in Rome…). Now the temperature felt down suddenly and the first rains are already arrived: for me it’s been the occasion to come back under the rain to take some new images for my series Raindrop Blues. Here a selection of new pictures taken in august and september (so also in Southern Italy, during the only rainy day of summer!).

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Another Day of Rain

Yesterday a great rain is fallen on Roma. It was really difficult to walk and shoot, I was a little worried for my camera, so I decided to find shelter in the underground station in front of the Colosseo. It was a perfect day for my project Raindrop Blues, so, at least, I’ve taken some good picture for it. Here a little selection after my rainy afternoon. Remember: you can follow the entire project on Facebook.

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