Photo Culture #12: Sebastiao Salgado

In the mid-1980s, the Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado made an extraordinary reportage on the Sierra Pelada gold mine in Brazil. Since the first gold was found in the quarry, there has been a continuous coming and going of men who left their lands to work in the mine, hoping to find a gold nugget. And so, every day, an enormous number of people went up and down the precarious ladders in the quarry, dozens of times a day, carrying bags of mud weighing 60 kilos, in which they looked for even the smallest trace of precious metal. One of the most incredible and powerful reportage ever made in the history of photography.

The Hand of God

11 years ago, on my first day in Buenos Aires, I entered a church and there I found a boy who was praying in an Argentina jersey, with that number on his back… It was the day I fell in love with that people. Congratulations for the World Cup, Argentina.

Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 10

Summer is definitely gone. Even if this year in Rome it looked like endless, but it’s official, summer is gone. Days are shorter, darkness are eating our afternoons more and more, and it’s not easy to go out every day and take pictures. But there is some good news in the air: I’m working on a new reportage from my series “Roma Coast to Coast” (I’ll talk about that later) and, best news, the community of Roma Street Photography is finally back in town (same here, I’ll tell you more in the next paragraphs). My Film People Project is going on too and so, even I’m perennially unsatisfied with myself, good things are about to happen. Maybe. Well, welcome in this new chapter of PAOS, I don’t want to write more introduction because I have a lot of things to talk about. Let’s start, just after this photo taken the 1st of November, the day after Halloween.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 2

A new chapter of my new feature PAOS (Photography and Other Stuff). Thank you for the feedbacks and the clicks on the first chapter, I’m happy that you appreciated it. I’m about to leave Roma for some weeks, like every summer, but I won’t leave you: the blog will be open and full of new contents also from the Southern Italy! I will open this new chapter with a picture I took last summer and I never posted before, it’s funny how sometimes you find in your folders some images that in the first place you didn’t like and then, after one year in this case, you find it nice. I took this one in the harbor of Monopoli.
Welcome in the Second Chapter!

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Photo of the Day #92

Photo of the Day today comes from Minneapolis (Minnesota).
The author is the photo-reporter Julio Cortez: I think it’s a very powerful image of the riots in the States after the killing of George Floyd: a protester carries a U.S. flag upside-down, a sign of distress, next to a burning building. The power of the images is very important in this period, photography is always a good way to tell the times we live to the future generations.
I’m there with you.

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My New Shop

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