How To Make A List Of Street Photographers?

“Roma” and “Street Photography” are two things that I have in my mind, always. Sometimes I wonder who, besides me, is telling my city through this photographic genre. Once there was a community of Roman street photographers, but after the pandemic that community not exists anymore (very sad, I know). So, I’d like to jot down a list of all the street photographers based in Rome, just to map who is telling my city through Street Photography. Please, suggest me what requirements a photographer need to have to be on this list: a website? Constancy? Exhibitions? Features on a magazine? Or what? I don’t want to judge the quality, it’s not my intent, only understand why a person should be on this list. Who can be defined street photographer? I mean, taking street photos twice in a year is not enough, I guess. Any idea?

Please help me to understand how to make this list and if you also have some name, be my guest!

In the meanwhile, a small gallery with some street photo of Rome, taken by other photographers.

(Stefano Mirabella)

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It’s Cold Out of the Shower

[Fuori dalla doccia fa freddo: versione in italiano qui]

Sometimes being a photographer is a bit like when you take a shower. A jet of hot water, the muscles relax, the pores open and you don’t think about anything for a moment. Photography is not so different and when you have a job to do or a project to follow the feeling is very similar: every shot is like hot water in the coldest winter, but like when you are in the shower, even in photography there is that moment when you have to turn off the water and take the bathrobe. And just at that moment a small wave of frost arrives that freezes your soul. The same chill you feel when you have a camera in your hand and you can’t photograph anything.

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1st Prize at Street Photography In The World – Ricoh Contest

Even in 2020 there is a place for a surprising good news! Today my photo Little Red Riding Hood won the amazing contest organized by Ricoh and Street photography in the world! I need just a moment to realize how proud I am for this achievement, the 50 photos in the final selection are really stunning and I still can’t believe for this incredible surprise!! I’m so happy, can’t wait to take photos with my new GR III Street Edition!!!

 I’ve always seen the rain not as “bad weather”, but as an amplifier of emotions. I like to take photos under the rain to create a sort of dreamlike reality. It’s not accidental that the girl in this image, that I called “Little Red Riding Hood”, seems to be profoundly alone. With this photo I tried to capture a melancholy never fully taking shape, but which is there, latent, in everyone life, evoking a sense of human isolation, a common feeling in large cities

Autumn Came: My New Set Of Raindrop Blues

Autumn finally came, after the warmest september of the last years (at least here in Rome…). Now the temperature felt down suddenly and the first rains are already arrived: for me it’s been the occasion to come back under the rain to take some new images for my series Raindrop Blues. Here a selection of new pictures taken in august and september (so also in Southern Italy, during the only rainy day of summer!).

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PhEST 2020: Arte e Fotografia a Monopoli

Già dal 7 Agosto (e fino al 1 Novembre) è possibile visitare i 24 progetti che compongono l’edizione 2020 del PhEST, Festival Internazionale di Fotografia e Arte, giunto ormai alla quinta edizione, probabilmente la migliore finora realizzata. Il tema scelto quest’anno è “Terra”, inteso non solo come il pianeta in cui viviamo, ma anche la terra che appartiene al mondo contadino e dunque alla riscoperta del suo valore.

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Photo Culture #4: Chris Steele-Perkins

England can be a strange place – alternatively funny and serious, happy and sad. “The Pleasure Principle” is a collection of color photographs of England and its people, representing a powerful and perceptive view of a country during the eighties. Returning to England after spending time photographing abroad in the third world, Chris Steele-Perkins experienced a kind of culture shock. “I was not interested in polemics, or a fashionable cynicism,” says Steele‑Perkins. “I wanted to re-orientate myself. I found myself returning to the public rituals we employ in the pursuit of happiness. For there we display our identity as we would like it to be. There we make signals to each other about who we are, and about what we believe in. Looking through this haze of signals with a tangential glance, a curious eye, reveals some unintended things.” Through a series of striking color images, Steele-Perkins presents a wry view of various recreational and social activities that examines the public rituals we employ in the pursuit of happiness. Using the idea of ‘pleasure’ and the pursuit of it, he explores a public, ritual face that cuts across class and location. Steele-Perkins wanted the photographs in this book to be, in a sense, about hedonism and our search for a better world. What he presents is a “kaleidoscope of experiences”; not only familiar, but also captured in a way that is frequently unsettling.

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Goodbye Ennio Morricone

My last memory about Ennio Morricone’s music was at the beginning of March, just before the lockdown, when the beautiful quartet of Associazione Musicale Harmonia honored me to take pictures to its concert. During the night they played the theme from “Mission” and, for the first time in my life, I took pictures with tears in my eyes. True story.
Huge loss for all of us, for all the humanity.
Thanks for everything Maestro Ennio Morricone.

Photo Culture #3: Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter was born as a painter, but the meeting with Eugene Smith leads him to try photography. Unlike his colleagues, Leiter soon abandoned black and white to use color film, which allowed him to create an artistic and harmonious representation of chaotic New York: today his photos are considered true art works. Leiter prefers to capture the harmony in the metropolitan chaos, he loves to overlap layers, to combine colors as in a painting, to look through the misted glass, through the taxi windows, in the reflections of a mirror, transforming the metropolis into a abstract composition, something artistic: “I must admit that I am not a member of the ugly school. I have great respect for certain notions of beauty even if for some they are now old-fashioned ideas. Certain well-known photographers who, portraying the sadness of people are dealing with a serious topic. “I don’t think unhappiness is deeper than happiness”.

The Phoblographer Loves Raindrop Blues!

I’m really proud to share this interview that I did for the amazing The Phoblographer, one of the most important online magazine about photography. They really appreciated my series Raindrop Blues, that was defined a “Refreshing twist on a genre that has risked becoming stale over the years”. If you want to read my interview you can find it here: