Photo of the Day #92

Photo of the Day today comes from Minneapolis (Minnesota).
The author is the photo-reporter Julio Cortez: I think it’s a very powerful image of the riots in the States after the killing of George Floyd: a protester carries a U.S. flag upside-down, a sign of distress, next to a burning building. The power of the images is very important in this period, photography is always a good way to tell the times we live to the future generations.
I’m there with you.

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Out In The Street

Yesterday I walked in Roma for almost 17km with my camera and a 50mm. It’s been incredible how empty are tourist spots like Colosseo or Fontana di Trevi! I didn’t take great images but it’s nice to be back in the streets after two months of lockdown. Here a selection of images that I took in the last days, the first week of our new normality, as you can see sadly full of human isolation.

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“The Pursuit of (my) Happiness” by Massimiliano Vecchi

Last year italian photographer Massimiliano Vecchi went in Africa for an amazing travel that changed his perspective about life itself. “I didn’t go in Ghana to shoot a reportage”, says Massimiliano, “our mission was to live the experience helping people of Potter’s Village”. He doesn’t want to call it “reportage” because he didn’t prepare it, but actually is one of the most interesting and impressive series of pictures that I’ve seen in the last months: “I didn’t look for anything, I let the journey guide me. It’s been the freest mental condition for a photographer”. In these beautiful images taken in Dodowa and Potter’s Village emerge a visual and vital power that is difficult to tell with words. You can see here a small selection of images (and a 4 minutes touching video that describes the experience), but I warmly reccomend you to watch the entire album on Massimiliano’s website: L’Africa, il Ghana, Dodowa ed il Potter’s Village: la ricerca della (mia) felicità. The best thing that you’ll see today (and also tomorrow).

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Roma: Street Photography in the Eternal City

For Street Photography, Roma is one of the most interesting cities in the world. A place full of contradictions, where the sacred and the profane, Romans and foreigners, the bourgeois soul and the popular one coexist. A colorful mixture of students, workers, politicians, priests, tourists and artists. All of them in constant balance between religious faith, football faith, political faith or simply between the various nuances of daily life. My ambition, as a photographer born and raised in Rome, is to catch these contradictions, collecting random moments from the life of my city. Moments that can reflect its moods, its colors, its feelings. But above all, through Street Photography, moments that can tell its life.

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Streets of Istanbul

As I’ve already told you in the last posts, I’m organizing my archive, I’m opening all the folders I have since 2009 to create a good selection of images for my archive. Today I want to show you some pictures of my travel in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. All the images are taken in 2012.

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In these days a lot of people is sending me an image of one of my pictures on the wall of their houses. I thank them for choosing my images and for supporting my work. I remind you that it’s always possible to buy prints of my pictures: shipping is available in a lot of countries, in Europe and United States. If you want to add colors to your walls, write me here for info:

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Thanks to Barbara from Australia
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Diario da Casa – 27 Marzo

Diciannovesimo giorno: il giorno della temuta spesa. Sono uscito dopo pranzo in macchina, autocertificazione ultimo modello in tasca, con il cielo plumbeo che minacciava qualcosa che, più che pioggia, somigliava ad una punizione divina: ti pare che dopo una settimana dentro casa ti tocca stare in fila al supermercato sotto la pioggia? Il cielo però ha deciso di reggere ancora per un po’ e la fila è scivolata via abbastanza rapidamente, anche se osservando le persone in coda insieme a me ho visto nei loro occhi i segni di una stanchezza che la settimana scorsa non sembrava ancora così accentuata.

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