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I’m so happy to show you my new shop online! Prints are customizable with the frame and size that you choose and the shipping is free in USA, UK and EU. So far there are just few images, but I’m going to add more photos soon (and if your favorite image is not here, please tell me and I’ll add it!).
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Sono molto felice di presentarvi il mio nuovo negozio online! Le stampe sono personalizzabili con cornice e dimensione a vostra scelta, inoltre la spedizione è gratuita negli Stati Uniti, nel Regno Unito e nei Paesi dell’Unione Europea. Per ora è presente soltanto una piccola selezione di immagini, ma conto di aggiungerne molte altre presto (e se la vostra preferita non è presente fatemelo sapere e la aggiungerò subito!).
Visita il mio negozio qui: Alessio Trerotoli Shop

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Story of a Picture – Traffic Jam

[ENG] Everytime I see a picture I can remember what I was doing there, sometimes I can also remember my feelings in that moment… Well, when I took this picture, “Traffic Jam”, I was in New York City. I just had visited the Museum of Modern Art in a late afternoon, when I decided to make a walk in the neighborhood. Finally I’ve walked toward Park Avenue, where I found a beautiful traffic jam (well, if we can consider beautiful a traffic jam!). I shot three pictures in the middle of the pedestrian cross with the 62th Street. The light just after the sunset was incredible: it was 5pm and there was an incredible shade of blue reflected in the buildings, on the windows, mixed with the lights of the cars in line. Maybe Pollock’s art, watched at MoMa just 30 minutes before, inspired me in some way: I was fascinated by that chaos. When I began my series Urban Melodies, these three pictures taken in Park Avenue were choosen by me to realize that kind of project I had in my mind. Well, It worked a bit, isn’t it?

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[ITA] Ogni volta in cui osservo una mia fotografia posso ricordare cosa stavo facendo in quel luogo, a volte posso anche ricordare cosa mi passava per la mente in quel momento… Beh, quando ho scattato questa foto, “Traffic Jam”, mi trovavo a New York. Avevo appena visitato il Museum of Modern Art in un tardo pomeriggio, quando decisi di fare due passi in quella zona. Alla fine ho camminato fino a Park Avenue, dove ho trovato un bellissimo ingorgo di macchine (insomma, se possiamo considerare bellissimo un ingorgo!). Ho scattato tre foto nel mezzo delle strisce pedonali all’altezza della 62a Strada. La luce subito dopo il tramonto era incredibile: erano le 5 del pomeriggio e c’era un incredibile sfumature di blu riflessa nei palazzi, sulle finestre, mescolata alle luci delle automobili in coda. Forse l’arte di Pollock, che avevo visto al MoMa solo 30 minuti prima, in qualche modo mi ha ispirato: ero affascinato da quel caos. Quando ho cominciato la mia serie Urban Melodies, scelsi quelle tre fotografie scattate in Park Avenue per realizzare quel tipo di progetto che avevo in mente. Beh, un po’ ha funzionato, non è vero?

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New York City

Five years ago I went to New York City for the first time in my life. I’ve never been in New York City before, but I knew it through movies, music, pictures… Well, when I traveled to the Big Apple I walked around taking pictures. Finally, through street photography, I’ve discovered its daily life, its characters, its heroes and it was much better than what I’ve seen in the movies… Here a selection of images. I think NYC is one of the best place in the world for street photography, so I ask you: which is your favourite one (as a photographer but also as a reader/viewer)?

NEW YORK 2011 028b Continue reading

Making of “Traffic Jam”

Sometimes I receive comments or emails where people ask me: “How do you realize your Urban Melodies?”. Well, I wrote something about it in The Art Of Superimposition, but this time I want to show you how I have realized one of my most appreciated multiple exposures, Traffic Jam. Usually I use four or five pictures of the same subject, but in this case I worked with only three images, these:

img01 img02 img03

First step: I’ve layered the second image on the first and I took down opacity. In this way:


Then I did the same thing with the third image:


Finally I’ve fixed luminosity, contrasts and tones in order to have the final image:

Traffic Jam (New York)

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Photo of the day #50

Another great photographer to celebrate our 50th photo of the day on this blog. Spanish, based in New York, Sion Fullana is really one of the best street photographer out there. In this shot, Red, White and Blue, we can see all the magnific irony of this kind of photography. It’s like to see the stars and stripes flag that waves in the subway… Well done!