Best of July 2020

First month of summer is gone and like every year of my life I’m spending these days in the Southern Italy. I took some pictures there and then (Monopoli, Bari and Taranto), here a selection of my best street shots of this month. Holidays are almost finished for me and it’s time to be back in Rome soon, to work, to start another exciting year full of passion and photography.

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Monopoli, Once Again

Like every summer of my life (more or less) I’m back in the Southern Italy, Monopoli, an amazing village near Bari, the area where my family comes from. I love this place, its sea, its food, its people and I find it very inspiring for my street photos and multiple exposures. I’m going to shoot a lot in the next weeks, hoping to collect some good moments for my folders. Here the first image I’ve taken this year in Monopoli, from my series Urban Melodies.

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July 2019


Back in Rome after a beautiful month between Southern Italy (Monopoli, as every summer of my life) and Greece (Athens and then Kimolos, for a wedding). All the images of this selection are taken in these locations, waiting for my new summer pictures in Rome. As every month, I show you my 10 best street photos of the last 30 days (this time just a couple of pictures are good, but it’s ok, the most of the month I’ve been in holidays). And where are you? Or where are you going?

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August 2017

Summer is finally ending. Rome seems to be the warmest place in the world: I don’t know how, but I’m still alive. I spent the first week of August in the Southern Italy and the rest of the month in the Eternal City, that in August is like a desert place (no people, no cars, no chaos): if it wouldn’t be so warm, it would be a very nice city. By the way, it’s been interesting to take pictures in Rome this month… Well, like always, here my monthly selection of photos: my 10 best shots of August. Waiting for the autumn…

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“In travel with P” by Alessio Trerotoli

Last summer me and my girlfriend made separated holidays: she went is Sicily, to her family and I went for a couple of weeks in Monopoli, a seaside town in another italian region. She wasn’t with me, so I decided to bring with me a little earplug that she left me before to go in holiday. I took some pictures to this character in some places of this town (to the sea, in the countryside, on the alleys…) like a sort of romantic joke, sending her every photo and telling her that she was there with me. Finally this “project” was so funny  to me that I continued to take pictures to the little P also when I returned in Rome with her (in Rome Film Festival, watching Star Wars in dvd or at Christmas). Have a nice trip!


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