365 Project – Day 98

8 April 2021, Rome (Italy)
His name is Francesco. He’s a composer. I met him to discuss about a shooting to do in the next weeks. A beautiful project to tell, through the images, the concept of his next show.

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It’s Cold Out of the Shower

[Fuori dalla doccia fa freddo: versione in italiano qui]

Sometimes being a photographer is a bit like when you take a shower. A jet of hot water, the muscles relax, the pores open and you don’t think about anything for a moment. Photography is not so different and when you have a job to do or a project to follow the feeling is very similar: every shot is like hot water in the coldest winter, but like when you are in the shower, even in photography there is that moment when you have to turn off the water and take the bathrobe. And just at that moment a small wave of frost arrives that freezes your soul. The same chill you feel when you have a camera in your hand and you can’t photograph anything.

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365 Project – Day 7

7 January 2021, Rome (Italy)
Another day without sun. It’s also the first day of the year with my region in “Yellow Zone”, it means that we are allowed to go out, work or live the city. The result is that I’ve been stuck in a traffic jam, so I took some pictures from my car.

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Best of 2020

It’s very hard to talk about 2020. For my job 2020 has been quite horrible, despite a couple of prizes and a new camera. If I think about 2019 I think about my exhibition in Chicago, my jobs in Greece and in Jordan, a new series, a lot of huge satisfactions for my career. Now everything seems to be lost or in a endless still, mostly in my head. It’s not easy to begin again after years and years of hard work, it’s not easy to find new motivations after touching the best moments for my career and then a year of emptiness. By the way, in 2020 I took some pictures, obviously, so I propose you a selection of 50 street photos that I took this year, when it’s been possible. I really hope the best for 2021 for me, for you and for all our dearest. Stay strong!

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November 2020

November is gone. It’s been a strange month for me. I faced a creative crisis, I had great difficult to leave my apartment to take some pictures but in the same time I won a photo contest and I received a new camera as prize. That gave me some motivations to go out and take pictures, so I began to shoot something with my new Ricoh. The images of this selection are a mix between my two cameras, Ricoh and Canon. Nothing incredible, but I’m happy to had the possibility to take some photos. Here a small selection of my 10 best street pictures of the last month. And how are you? Did you take some good photo in the last weeks?

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1st Prize at Street Photography In The World – Ricoh Contest

Even in 2020 there is a place for a surprising good news! Today my photo Little Red Riding Hood won the amazing contest organized by Ricoh and Street photography in the world! I need just a moment to realize how proud I am for this achievement, the 50 photos in the final selection are really stunning and I still can’t believe for this incredible surprise!! I’m so happy, can’t wait to take photos with my new GR III Street Edition!!!

 I’ve always seen the rain not as “bad weather”, but as an amplifier of emotions. I like to take photos under the rain to create a sort of dreamlike reality. It’s not accidental that the girl in this image, that I called “Little Red Riding Hood”, seems to be profoundly alone. With this photo I tried to capture a melancholy never fully taking shape, but which is there, latent, in everyone life, evoking a sense of human isolation, a common feeling in large cities

“Train Moments” by Dina Alfasi

I love to observe people on public transportations, I think they represent the real soul of a city, with their thoughts, their worries, their dreams. Israeli photographer Dina Alfasi, who works in hospital as engineer, takes bus and train to go to work and captures candid images of people around her. As she said: “I’m inspired by the little moments that happen every day. My work is a testament to telling stories through a single photo and proof that all you need is just to look around to find magic moments”. Her photos are just amazing, all taken with an iPhone. Follow Dina’s work on Instagram.

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