Roma: Street Photography in the Eternal City

For Street Photography, Roma is one of the most interesting cities in the world. A place full of contradictions, where the sacred and the profane, Romans and foreigners, the bourgeois soul and the popular one coexist. A colorful mixture of students, workers, politicians, priests, tourists and artists. All of them in constant balance between religious faith, football faith, political faith or simply between the various nuances of daily life. My ambition, as a photographer born and raised in Rome, is to catch these contradictions, collecting random moments from the life of my city. Moments that can reflect its moods, its colors, its feelings. But above all, through Street Photography, moments that can tell its life.

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Streets of Istanbul

As I’ve already told you in the last posts, I’m organizing my archive, I’m opening all the folders I have since 2009 to create a good selection of images for my archive. Today I want to show you some pictures of my travel in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. All the images are taken in 2012.

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Color / B&W #1

In the last two weeks I wrote on this blog a sort of journal about my life at home (and I’ll do it until all this nightmare it will end, it’s very helpful), talking about how photography affects my day and, most generally, thoughts about this situation and our condition. It’s good sometimes to come back to photography so I want to begin a new feature, where I’ll show you some of my street photos in double version, color and black and white. I always posted on my channels the first one because reminds me the cover of Bob Dylan’s The Freewheelin’, but I think it’s time to hear your thoughts!

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Distant But Close

The world through your windows. This album is realized by you, it’s just a way to be closer in the distance, during the lockdown caused by the Covid19 emergency. I’m trying to map the world outside your windows in this difficult time, where we can’t leave our houses. Send me your photo here: (and, if you want, add a line to describe the scene).

All the pictures will be posted in the album on my Facebook page: the name of the album is Distant But Close.

Please send me your image and spread the word!

Photo by Marco (New York City, USA)
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