The Hand of God

11 years ago, on my first day in Buenos Aires, I entered a church and there I found a boy who was praying in an Argentina jersey, with that number on his back… It was the day I fell in love with that people. Congratulations for the World Cup, Argentina.

Photo of the day #81

Photo of the day today comes from… I don’t know where, but it’s beautiful. The photographer is the spanish Pedro Bada and this picture is the best way to begin a new week. I really like every detail in this image: the light on the wall (and on the floor), the colors and obviously the two kids, the position of their bodies and the decisive moment always underlined by Henri Cartier Bresson. This is really a great shot.

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Photo of the day #2

This Photo of the day comes from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. A perfect moment, a perfect light, a perfect scene: “I was sitting in a small bar watching the kids playing soccer in the sunset. It was one of these great moments on the Praia do Farol da Barra. I was fascinated, the waves were high and the sea was roaring. The setting sun produced amazing colors. It was my golden goal”. The photographer is Florian Goppold and this is his amazing Golden Goal.