8 Years of Urban Melodies

8 years ago I had returned since few months from a trip to Istanbul where, in an exhibition, I discovered Jak Baruh’s works, a Turkish photographer who works with multiple exposures. It was an epiphany. I wrote a small note in my notebook and then left it there for two or three months to “rest”.

On December 14, 2012 I finally started working on some multi-layered pictures, without even imagining what it would lead me to. It wasn’t a very successful test, but it was the seed of a photographic project that now I have the luck and privilege to call “work”. After that test image, I asked a dear friend of mine for an opinion: “I’m trying to do some work with the multiple exposures, I’m doing some tests. I want to do it again better, though I want to send it to you so you can tell me if you think a nice idea can come out of it “.

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My New Shop

I’m so happy to show you my new shop online! Prints are customizable with the frame and size that you choose and the shipping is free in USA, UK and EU. So far there are just few images, but I’m going to add more photos soon (and if your favorite image is not here, please tell me and I’ll add it!).
Visit my shop here: Alessio Trerotoli Shop

Sono molto felice di presentarvi il mio nuovo negozio online! Le stampe sono personalizzabili con cornice e dimensione a vostra scelta, inoltre la spedizione è gratuita negli Stati Uniti, nel Regno Unito e nei Paesi dell’Unione Europea. Per ora è presente soltanto una piccola selezione di immagini, ma conto di aggiungerne molte altre presto (e se la vostra preferita non è presente fatemelo sapere e la aggiungerò subito!).
Visita il mio negozio qui: Alessio Trerotoli Shop

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Buon 25 Aprile

On April 25, 2010 I inaugurated my first photographic exhibition in the Montoro Gallery, a stone’s throw from Campo de’ Fiori. That time I had exhibited photographs that, except for a few, today I do not even find worthy of being posted on social media: it’s always important to see where you started and look today at what point of the journey you are. I also find it significant that the first day of my artistic career falls on the day that I love most: in Italy the 25th of April is the Liberation Day from the nazifascism.

Long Live Liberation, Long Live Liberty, Long Live on April 25th!

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Purchase a Print and Support My Work

In these days a lot of people is sending me an image of one of my pictures on the wall of their houses. I thank them for choosing my images and for supporting my work. I remind you that it’s always possible to buy prints of my pictures: shipping is available in a lot of countries, in Europe and United States. If you want to add colors to your walls, write me here for info: a.trerotoli@gmail.com

If you just want to support me and my photography in these hard times, you can also do a small donation here: PayPal.

Thank you all! 🙂

Thanks to Barbara from Australia
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July 2019


Back in Rome after a beautiful month between Southern Italy (Monopoli, as every summer of my life) and Greece (Athens and then Kimolos, for a wedding). All the images of this selection are taken in these locations, waiting for my new summer pictures in Rome. As every month, I show you my 10 best street photos of the last 30 days (this time just a couple of pictures are good, but it’s ok, the most of the month I’ve been in holidays). And where are you? Or where are you going?

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About Wedding Photography


I don’t like labels, but if I have to describe myself, I could say that I am a Fine Art Photographer or maybe a Street Photographer (because I can’t define myself “artist”, it’s something that only other people can tell about you, I guess). The most of my work is about urban photography, as you know, but sometimes I also do wedding photography. When? Only for friends that ask me so, as a gift, or for people that permit me to shoot it in my way, as a reportage, as a street photographer. This is my condition.

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June 2019


Spring is gone, summer is here. June is been a busy month, but also a month full of satisfactions: I went in Chicago to showcase my Urban Melodies at Priztker Forum on Global Cities and it’s been wonderful (as I’ve already told in my last post). After Chicago I had to leave my apartment in Rome after 6 beautiful years: waiting to move in another one in September, always in Rome, I’m in the Southern Italy like every summer. This month I want to show you 20 and not 10 of my best street photos of the last 30 days, all taken in Chicago. What about next month? Well, I’m about to go in Greece as a wedding photographer, it’s something rare for me, I do it only for friends or for people that permit me to realize something special for their wedding, something different than the usual wedding pictures. Maybe I’ll show you something of my unseen wedding photos in a future post… After the wedding I’ll be back in Monopoli again, in the Southern Italy, to finally enjoy my well-deserved holidays. Well, it’s time to show you my best of June: hope you will enjoy the gallery. See you soon.

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