World Cup 2006: an Italian Night

9 July 2006: an important day for all the italian football fans, it’s the day when we won our 4th World Cup, after a tense final match against France. I found an old album of photos with the celebrations of that night, on the streets of Rome, since the final whistle to the first lights of the morning. I had with me an old digital camera, the quality of this selection of pictures is not incredible, but it’s interesting to watch it as a reportage of that unforgettable night.

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Finding Vivian Maier (2013)


[Alla Ricerca di Vivian Maier: recensione in italiano qui]

Presented at the Toronto Film Festival and the Berlinale, the documentary about Vivian Maier reveals an extraordinary investigation into the life of the most mysterious photographer of the 900, austere nanny, a secret artist whose treasure was discovered by chance only a few days after her death. Dead in poverty, she is now one of the most loved and important street photographers of the last century, with exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles, photo books and an archive of thousands of images. Behind his babysitter figure is a fascinating mystery: why has this woman always hidden her talent and her work?

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