“Fragments” by Alessio Trerotoli

After the good success of my series Urban Melodies, I am thinking about a new project of abstract urban photography. I’m trying new ideas and new solutions: the last one is maybe my favorite, that I call “Fragments”. Fragmentalism is a view that holds that the world consists of individual and independent objects. The term contends that the world is indeed composed of separable parts, and that it is chiefly knowable through the study of these component parts, rather than through wholes. I don’t know if this will be my new series, but I’m doing some tests and they satisfy me. They aren’t incredible, but I can see a potential. These are my first tests: do you have some suggests for me?


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“Totem” by Jason McGroarty

Today I want to show you an amazing project, Totem, realized by irish photographer Jason McGroarty: “I will always remember the moment that I came into contact with a wild vixen whilst walking a dimly lit path on the outskirts of my hometown. Through Totem I wanted to capture the heart-stopping moment when the wild breaches the barriers of the city and reminds us that the line between humans and wildlife is not as clear-cut as we would like to believe in, and that in the animal kingdom, the only thing we can count on is unpredictability, that the unexpected should be expected”. Let’s take a look at this gallery, it’s really stunning.

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