Roma Coast to Coast 2022 – Mura Aureliane

Here we are. I talked a lot about my new Roma Coast to Coast, so you already know everything. Now the gallery is finally ready, so there’s nothing else to say, I just have to show you the pictures. I enjoyed this walk very much and I hope you will enjoy it too. Here I’ll show you just a selection, the entire reportage (98 photos) for now is only on my Facebook page. This is the result of a 20km walk along the ancient Aurelian Walls: do you like it?

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Roma Coast to Coast 2022 – Preview

A small preview of Roma Coast to Coast 2022. 19km (well, actually I walked 22km…) along the ancient Aurelian Walls. A different way to discover Rome and its daily life. I spent around 7 hours to complete the route, I took tons of pictures and Rome was really beautiful, but now I need a couple of new legs! These are only 20 images, the gallery will be ready in the next few days.

Roma Coast to Coast – Linea A

On April 21, 2015, I walked for 21 kilometers following the route of the Metro Line A, from Battistini to Anagnina. It was my first “Roma Coast to Coast”, the beginning of a series that I would continue several times in the following years. The aim was a photographic project to tell the various nuances of Rome. During the walk I wrote some notes. The notes are of a few lines, but collected and put together they make up a story that is fragmented, perhaps confused, but which somehow gives the idea of that beautiful day on the streets of my city. So, 7 years after that walking photographic journey, here is the diary of my first “Roma Coast to Coast”, a project that I dedicated to the memory of a former primary school classmate, Leonardo, who loved this city very much and who passed away exactly that day.

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Roma Coast to Coast 2018


Last week I again realized the project I work on every year: the Roma Coast to Coast. It’s a 21-kilometer photographic walk along the entire Metro Line. In 2015 I walked along Line A, from Battistini to Anagnina. This year I made the return: from Anagnina to Battistini, crossing a multitude of shades of Rome.

21 kilometers of photographs and people, 21 kilometers of Street Photography. In the gallery a small selection of images, but you can watch the complete report on my Facebook page.

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