“Platform 10” by Rammy Narula

Rammy Narula is a photographer from Bangkok, interested in the interactions between people and their environment: “I’m always looking for situations and scenes that I respond to visually or emotionally and I make photographs of them in the most harmonious way possible. Light, scene, subject. Candid. Unposed”. He prefers to work on projects and series based on locations. One has recently become a book: Platform 10.  This project brings to life in photographs the story of a quiet and almost ethereal corner of Hua Lamphong, Bangkok Central Train Station: “Early every morning, a short three-cabin train makes its daily twenty minute stop. At the same time the station awakes, and for what seems like a few choreographed moments, the morning light reveals its characters offering a magical and brief insight into their lives: passengers and station workers go about their business together in syncopation. These moments were photographed every day over a six-month period to create a window into this private world of rhythm and pauses, colours and emotions, bustle and tranquility, as people alight from and board their train on Platform 10”.

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“Once” by Wim Wenders

[ENG] I’m reading an incredible photobook. German director Wim Wenders has travelled a lot, and he always did it with a camera in his bag. This book is a collection of moment, notes of his travel, little stories: “Prefaced by Wenders’ poetic meditations on the metaphysics of photography and film, Once consists of short, autobiographical sketches relating Wenders’ experiences–both meaningful and apparently trivial–on his trips across the world scouting locations for his films, as well as photographs taken during these excursions. The resulting book is at once travel diary, photo album, and a series of short films or short stories–revealing the views and sentiments of an auteur inspired by the poetry of the eye and the melody of speech. Fascinating and revelatory, Once gives us a unique look at the universe Wenders has created out of the hidden pieces of everyday life”.

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[ITA] Sto leggendo un libro fotografico incredibile. Il regista tedesco Wim Wenders ha viaggiato molto e l’ha sempre fatto con una macchina fotografica nel suo bagaglio. Questo libro è una collezione di momenti, appunti dei suoi viaggi, piccole storie: “Introdotto da poetiche riflessioni di Wenders sulla metafisica della fotografia e dei film, Once consiste in corti, autobiografici schizzi relativi alle esperienze di Wenders – sia significative che apparentemente banali – sui suoi viaggi attraverso il mondo cercando le location per i suoi film, accompagnati dalle fotografie scattate durante queste escursioni. Il libro che ne esce fuori è un diario di viaggio, un album fotografico e una serie di cortometraggi o racconti brevi che rivelano il punto di vista e i sentimenti di un autore ispirato dalla poesia dell’occhio e dalla melodia del discorso. Affascinante e rivelatorio, Once ci consegna uno sguardo unico sull’universo che Wenders ha creato con i pezzi nascosti della vita di tutti i giorni”.

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Photo of the day #18

A photography has to speak for itself, sure, but a good and original title can make a good photography more interesting. It’s the case of this picture by Kainet, A book you finish reading is not the same book it was before you read it, that comes from Budapest, Hungary. I love the mood of this picture, the light, the story behind it and, of course, this strange but beautiful title. This image brings me in this bar, and now I desire to drink something and read a book exactly there.


365 Project: a year of squared pictures

“My 365 Project meant and still means the world to me” (Marius Vieth)

6th June 2014: in this day I began my 365 Project on Instagram, where I decided to shoot and to post a picture a day, every day, for an entire year. Twelve months later I was observing the world around me with different eyes. In this ebook (free download) you can find all the shots of this charming project, in strictly chronological order: sunny beaches, Christmas lights, italian landscapes, portraits of people, romantic sunsets, melancholic sunrises, noir atmospheres, buildings, food, animals, flashes of street photography and street art. I can remember a story behind every of this 365 photos: they aren’t stunning pictures, they were an exercise, a way to enjoy photography, but they are mine and I love all of them. It was an unforgettable year, a year of life and memories… A year of squared pictures.

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