I’m sick of Instagram and its algorithm

This post is about Instagram: is it really good for photographers? There are a lot of pros of course, but also a lot of negative things. I’m a bit sick of being slave of the algorithm. First of all: my feed is full of ads, it’s really difficult to scroll the home without crashing into an advertisement. Our feeds are totally “polluted” and watching the photos is becoming a challenge. Gain exposure is hard: you have to fight with the right choice of hashtags, you have to tag other accounts hoping in a sharing, you have to spend a lot of time for what? To have some new followers? And if you do so, gratifications are few. Doesn’t worth it. Well, there is also something good: on Instagram I met a lot of amazing photographers and beautiful people, but now it’s a ocean not easy to navigate. The most of the people just scroll, watch your images for a second and then they go on scrolling. My sensation is that the most of the people on Instagram is not really interested in photography: they just want to watch photos of cool people in cool places, wearing cool dresses. There’s something wrong. Images are too small, it’s a social photography-based but it’s really difficult analyze the detalis of a photo, zooming is bad and the quality of the image decrease if you try to zoom. But the worst is the follow/defollow thing. Everyday I get new followers and after a couple of days they disappear. Maybe it’s a bot that follows and it’s programmed to defollow after some days, or it’s someone that hope to receive a follow back and if he doesn’t receive it, he defollows you. It’s nuts.

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It’s Cold Out of the Shower

[Fuori dalla doccia fa freddo: versione in italiano qui]

Sometimes being a photographer is a bit like when you take a shower. A jet of hot water, the muscles relax, the pores open and you don’t think about anything for a moment. Photography is not so different and when you have a job to do or a project to follow the feeling is very similar: every shot is like hot water in the coldest winter, but like when you are in the shower, even in photography there is that moment when you have to turn off the water and take the bathrobe. And just at that moment a small wave of frost arrives that freezes your soul. The same chill you feel when you have a camera in your hand and you can’t photograph anything.

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1st Prize at Street Photography In The World – Ricoh Contest

Even in 2020 there is a place for a surprising good news! Today my photo Little Red Riding Hood won the amazing contest organized by Ricoh and Street photography in the world! I need just a moment to realize how proud I am for this achievement, the 50 photos in the final selection are really stunning and I still can’t believe for this incredible surprise!! I’m so happy, can’t wait to take photos with my new GR III Street Edition!!!

 I’ve always seen the rain not as “bad weather”, but as an amplifier of emotions. I like to take photos under the rain to create a sort of dreamlike reality. It’s not accidental that the girl in this image, that I called “Little Red Riding Hood”, seems to be profoundly alone. With this photo I tried to capture a melancholy never fully taking shape, but which is there, latent, in everyone life, evoking a sense of human isolation, a common feeling in large cities

Diario da Casa – 18 Marzo

La giornata si è aperta con una bellissima email della mia gallerista cinese, Lanjie, che mi ha parlato dell’incoraggiante situazione attuale in Cina, offrendosi di mandarmi, nel caso ne avessi avuto bisogno, mascherine e equipaggiamento protettivo di qualunque tipo, dicendosi molto grata per il supporto avuto dalla Cina nei primi tempi e per la mia comprensione nei confronti della galleria d’arte, che è chiusa ormai da un paio di mesi. Tutto il loro piano espositivo di questo periodo e forse di tutta l’annata è inevitabilmente saltato (ogni anno girano fiere e mostre d’arte in Cina dove mettono in mostra i lavori dei loro artisti, tra cui io), ma stanno comunque progettando di realizzare alcune mostre online ogni mese con focus sui vari artisti della galleria e sui loro lavori.

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Best of 2019

2019 is almost gone. For me it’s been a year full of satisfactions: first of all, it’s been my very first year of Photography. I mean, for the first time, since last december, photography is been my only job and this is something incredible to me. 2019 led me to Milan for a photo fair and in the village of Amandola, to teach photography to a group of young students (amazing experience). In June I went to Chicago to exhibit my Urban Melodies and I had a flashtalk about my project at Pritzker Forum on Global Cities, it’s been the greatest thing ever happened to me as a photographer. I began my new series Film People and I’m loving it (last week it’s been featured on Vanity Fair!), I went in Greece, to shoot a wonderful wedding and to Amman, Jordan, for a job that made me improve as a photographer. I won Roma Photo Marathon, a great satisfaction. Then, I had the chance to spend in Monopoli my summer holidays and in Sicily my Christmas holidays. I’ve changed apartment in Rome, so it’s been a year full of changes and new expreriences. I tried to collect a random selection of my best street photos of this 2019, I don’t know if I did a good selection, but here they are.

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November 2019

November spawned a monster, as Morrissey should say. Beside beautiful songs, November really was a month full of rain (and it’s normal), where I took not many street photos (less normal). In this month I was focused on commissioned works, I went to Amman, Jordan, for a job, but I’ve seen only the airport and the hotel, so I didn’t have time to wander and explore the city (and I had the fever, as well!). So the selection of this month is not so rich, but here it is: my 10 best images of November.

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June 2019


Spring is gone, summer is here. June is been a busy month, but also a month full of satisfactions: I went in Chicago to showcase my Urban Melodies at Priztker Forum on Global Cities and it’s been wonderful (as I’ve already told in my last post). After Chicago I had to leave my apartment in Rome after 6 beautiful years: waiting to move in another one in September, always in Rome, I’m in the Southern Italy like every summer. This month I want to show you 20 and not 10 of my best street photos of the last 30 days, all taken in Chicago. What about next month? Well, I’m about to go in Greece as a wedding photographer, it’s something rare for me, I do it only for friends or for people that permit me to realize something special for their wedding, something different than the usual wedding pictures. Maybe I’ll show you something of my unseen wedding photos in a future post… After the wedding I’ll be back in Monopoli again, in the Southern Italy, to finally enjoy my well-deserved holidays. Well, it’s time to show you my best of June: hope you will enjoy the gallery. See you soon.

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June 2018


Summer has come, usually June for me is a very lazy month, I really need to recharge the batteries so I’m just waiting for my holiday in July. Furthermore, I must admit it, World Cup doesn’t help. So, this is the reason for my lack of photography in this month. It’s been hard to choose 10 decent street photos to show you in this feature, but this is the “best” I did in June…

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My 2018 Begins Now

Dear friends,

Today is the very first working day of my 2018, so I’m here to wish you a wonderful new year. I want to ask you something: what are your resolutions for photography this year? Regarding me, I want to bring my camera with me many times as I can, because in 2017 I left it at home a little too much. Then, I want to realize another “Roma Coast to Coast” and exhibit the project somewhere in Rome. I’d like to do a workshop to teach something about photography and my style (Urban Melodies), but before I have to learn to speak in front of people… Maybe I’d also like to create a photobook, but let’s see.

As a man I’d like to travel a little more, and I want to have more real connections with people and friends (as BoJack Horseman says: “In this terrifying world, all we have are the connections that we make”), so more beers (ha-ha). I want to do something new, read more, learn more, write more, be better.

And what about you? Hope the best for your life projects, goals and everything that makes you happy.


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