Color / B&W #3

This is one of my “classic” street photos, the cover of my first exhibition and one of the first street photos I ever took, on my first solo trip in 2009. Of course the photo was taken in Paris during a warm May afternoon. The girl in the picture had lost her sunglasses in the Trocadero Fountain, so she went into the water trying to find them (without success). I took this picture while she was wringing her wet dress, immediately after leaving the fountain. I’ve always chosen the bnw version, inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson’s images, but now I’m not so sure that the one in black and white is the best one. Your thoughts?

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Streets of Istanbul

As I’ve already told you in the last posts, I’m organizing my archive, I’m opening all the folders I have since 2009 to create a good selection of images for my archive. Today I want to show you some pictures of my travel in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. All the images are taken in 2012.

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Color / B&W #2

Second episode with this new feature. In these days I’m reorganizing my archive so I’m scrutinising every folder I have since 2009 (year of my first reflex and my first solo travel) to put into another folder the very best of my production. I can’t choose if some images are better in colors or in black and white: this time I propose you this shot taken here in Roma, where I can’t decide between the neon colored version and the classic noir version in black and white. Your thoughts?

Color / B&W #1

In the last two weeks I wrote on this blog a sort of journal about my life at home (and I’ll do it until all this nightmare it will end, it’s very helpful), talking about how photography affects my day and, most generally, thoughts about this situation and our condition. It’s good sometimes to come back to photography so I want to begin a new feature, where I’ll show you some of my street photos in double version, color and black and white. I always posted on my channels the first one because reminds me the cover of Bob Dylan’s The Freewheelin’, but I think it’s time to hear your thoughts!

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Goodbye Elisa

Last week Elisa Tomaselli, beautiful soul and fantastic photographer, left us. She was a very sweet girl, ironic, smart and it’s hard to believe that she is not with us anymore, we’ll going to miss her a lot. I want to pay homage to her with this gallery with some of her beautiful shots.
Goodbye Elisa and thank you for your photography.

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Amandola: My Experience as a Middle School Teacher


As I’ve already told you in my last post, in February I’ve spent some days in a beautiful small town, Amandola, in the middle of Italy, to teach photography to 16 students of a local middle school (these lessons were part of a bigger project about the city, “Visioni Sibilline”, but my task was focused only on photography). It was one of the most beautiful experience I’ve ever done as a photographer and I couldn’t believe how incredible these kids are: their photos were stunning, they really succeeded to tell the city, with amazing portraits and a lot of interesting images of the town. In this gallery I’m going to show you a selection of my favourite pictures, taken by these great 13/14 year old teenagers.

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Pizza e…


[ENG] Vincenzo has been making pizzas for over 50 years, working every day from 7 to 22. His life, as well as his pizzeria, is a life of expects, preparation, waiting for the arrival of customers and evening orders. Between dead times and signs of fatigue. In an increasingly dynamic world, where everyone is in a hurry, the slow life of this Roman pizzeria brings us closer to the flavors of the past, in this story realized a few days before the final closure.

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