Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 1

I decided to begin a new feature on this blog, regarding what I read, watched, listened or did in the last week(s), also about photography, but not only. It could be a good way to show you the last photos I took on the streets but also to tell you something about my other passions, like books, movies and music. Roma is very warm this month, so it’s not easy to go out and take new pictures. In ten days I’ll move, like every summer, in Southern Italy for 5/6 weeks, so I’ll try to feed my inspirations with new photos from Monopoli (the beautiful city where my family comes and where I go since forever). Well, let’s begin the first chapter of “Photography and Other Stuff”!

Tokyo Revisited: I went to a retrospective about the Japanese Master of street photography Daido Moriyama. Some images were really awesome, not everything was really great to me, but I found the exhibition very inspiring and the setting up (at Maxxi) was incredible, full of different streets, like a city of photos. I found a nice idea for a new project, I’m going to think about it during the summer. I also took some images inspired to Moriyama style:

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Best of February 2022

In February I’ve read a lot: now I’m reading the amazing book “Bystanders”, an incredible volume about the story of Street Photography and it’s really interesting (I’ll write a post as I finish to read it). I visited a couple of exhibition (Stefano Mirabella and Alberto Di Lenardo), I updated my website and I began to dedicate an entire day every week to my photowalks. So I have a selection of images to show you in this post, it’s a good way to see what I did in the last 31 days (well, 28 in this case) and check how can I improve (in quantity and quality). By the way, I didn’t mention what it’s happening in Ukraine: I’ll do a post in the next days with a selection of pictures from photographers that are working there (if you are interested, there is a list on twitter). It’s terrible, I’m following the situation in real time and I’m really scared. Let’s hope the conflict ends soon.

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