This is my blog, a place where I share with you other photographers’ best photos, galleries, projects, photowalks, tips, news and stories about my work and a lot of more beautiful things. I see “Living Easy” as something different, something special for you. Like a safe place where you can breath photography, inspiration, a kind of magic. A place where you can partecipate with your comments, with your ideas and where you can submit your projects. Why this strange title? Well, I tried to merge a line from a Beatles song (living is easy with eyes closed, from “Strawberry Fields Forever”) and the moment when you take a picture, closing an eye to watch in the viewfinder. So take your camera, close an eye and shoot!

Alessio Trerotoli (Roma, 16.10.1981)
Email a.trerotoli@gmail.com
Website www.alessiotrerotoli.com
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Film People filmpeopleproject.wordpress.com

I am an italian photographer, born and based in Rome. Graduated in 2009 in Disciplines of Arts and Cinema, in the same year I started to travel in Europe and in America, taking pictures and making experiences. My first exhibition was in 2010, since then my pictures were shown in several galleries, in Italy and abroad. In 2012 I published my first book, “Fuori dalla caverna”, with notes and pictures of my travels and at the end of the same year I began my most important project, “Urban Melodies”. In 2013 I won Abstracta Festival and the years after I won other prizes and honorable mentions. Other important projects are “Roma Coast to Coast”“Raindrop Blues” e “Film People”. In 2017 I was one of the six founding members of the collective Roma Street Photography. My work has been featured by FubizThe PhoblographerSRL LoungeCamerapixo and others international magazines. I’m currently collaborating with art galleries in United States, France, Israel, China, Argentina, Australia and Mexico.

Feel free to write me, just to say hi or to ask me anything! I speak italiano, english, français and español.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Great name of your blog! It took me a second, but then I finally realized the reference to “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Very clever to combine that with the physical action of taking photographs! Cheers!! –Paul


  2. This was very helpful because I am doing my photography GCSEs and this will be one of the artists who I will include in my coursework ! I also love this artist as he has used similar techniques to David Hockney and Pep Ventosa by layering images!



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