Is Asking Strangers For A Portrait So Dreadful?

Is asking strangers for a portrait so dreadful? Probably not, according to a lot of photographers that usually do Street Portraits in their life. I always felt a fascination for people and when I see a project based on portraits of strangers met on the street, I dream to do something like that. I think often about my photography and how can improve myself, so a few days ago I asked a question to FlakPhoto Network on Facebook:

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How To Make A List Of Street Photographers?

“Roma” and “Street Photography” are two things that I have in my mind, always. Sometimes I wonder who, besides me, is telling my city through this photographic genre. Once there was a community of Roman street photographers, but after the pandemic that community not exists anymore (very sad, I know). So, I’d like to jot down a list of all the street photographers based in Rome, just to map who is telling my city through Street Photography. Please, suggest me what requirements a photographer need to have to be on this list: a website? Constancy? Exhibitions? Features on a magazine? Or what? I don’t want to judge the quality, it’s not my intent, only understand why a person should be on this list. Who can be defined street photographer? I mean, taking street photos twice in a year is not enough, I guess. Any idea?

Please help me to understand how to make this list and if you also have some name, be my guest!

In the meanwhile, a small gallery with some street photo of Rome, taken by other photographers.

(Stefano Mirabella)

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 9

October is almost gone and it’s been a month full of interesting things. The 17th edition of Rome Film Fest is over and I’m back to my usual life after ten days full of movies and passion for Cinema. It’s always nice to live in a “different dimension” where everybody talks about films and the problems of the real world seem to be far and distant. But, at the end, you have to come back to your life and so… Well, in this new chapter you will find a selection of my latest street photos from Rome, as usual, my photos at Rome Film Fest, of course, new portraits for my Film People Project, a new photo from my series Raindrop Blues (right below) and a lot more. Enjoy!

A new photo from my series “Raindrop Blues”
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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 8

October is always been my favorite month, for a lot of reasons: summer heat is finally over, the light is amazing, I love autumn a lot, then next week it’s my birthday. In a few days a new edition of Rome Film Fest begins and I’m going to attend it once again, to watch a lot of (good, I hope) movies and take pictures. Actually it’s not a great moment for me and my photography, I’m a bit stuck, but it’s something that happens often in this job and I’m not really worried about it. So let’s find out what I have to show you in this eighth chapter of “Photography and Other Stuff”! First, an image of Monopoli that I realized for my series Urban Melodies: a beautiful sunset in Portavecchia area.

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“Divided Soul” by David Alan Harvey

Since the 1970s Harvey has been taking photographs in Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil and Chile. A passionate and divided soul, where tradition and ritual are inherent in everyday life, is revealed in these photographs of pulsating carnivals in Trinidad, fervent religious ceremonies in Brazil, and intense Easter parades in Puerto Rico. Harvey minimizes the distance between himself and his subjects, producing images that capture the natural choreography of people within places – images that resonate with the magic of their subjects.

“Divided Soul” represents David Alan Harvey’s 20-year journey through the Spanish and Portuguese diaspora in the Americas. In the stunning selection of more than 100 colour photographs that became the book “Divided Soul”, Harvey explores the exuberance and incongruities of Hispanic life and culture that hold for him an endless fascination. I studied his work in the last days and it’s really amazing, Harvey’ style – so close to the subjects – is very inspiring, he really knew how to approach local life during a travel and capture the inner soul of a place. In the gallery, a very small selection of his works.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 7

Here I am with a new Chapter of PAOS, that is not only a Greek island, but also the acronym for “Photography And Other Stuff”. I didn’t have time to fully live my city back, Rome, that I had to come back in Monopoli, in Southern Italy, for a week. So I didn’t take many pictures in Rome but at least I had the chance to take some photos in Monopoli again. I’m thinking of a new project and this month for me is a period of study, I’m trying to read a lot and I’m looking at tons of images to inspire myself. Let’s see what happens. I open this new Chapter with this image I took in Rome yesterday: a good way to mask your surroundings with art!

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 5

Hi everybody, here is a new chapter of our PAOS. I’m happy that you appreciate this new feature of the blog, so let’s go with a new post full of images and more. Well, I don’t have Corona anymore, so last week was more interesting for me: I went back to Rome for the weekend to attend a wedding (and take pictures to my just married friends), so I had the chance to take some photos in the train station and more. Than I came back to Monopoli, in the Southern Italy, where I had the chance to visit more towns not far from here: Polignano a Mare, Cisternino and Locorotondo. I close this introduction showing you a photo a took in Termini Station in Rome, sunday morning at 7am.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 4

Welcome in a new chapter of PAOS (Photography And Other Stuff). I’m still in the Southern Italy, in Monopoli, and I spent part of my last week at home with an unexpected host: the f***ing Corona! I’m ok and I’m waiting to be negative in the next few days. I had the chance to take some pictures in these boring days and translate my feelings in photography: a nice experiment. Before this strange week I went to a town I never been before, Noci, where I took a couple of pictures. Next weekend, if I’ll be negative as I believe, I’ll be in Roma again for a wedding, but next time I’ll write to you I’ll already be in Monopoli again.
And you? How was your week? Feel free to write me your personal PAOS in the comments, I’d like to see this little space as a open forum with a free exchange of ideas and experiences.
Before I let you read more, I close the introduction with this photo I took today downstairs, when I made a little walk to move my bones.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 3

Welcome in the third Chapter of PAOS (Photography And Other Stuff): I’m finally in the Southern Italy, in the beautiful Monopoli, and I’m writing to you from my “summer office”, nothing more than a cozy beach lounger in my balcony. Last week I’ve visited a photo exhibition in Roma and now I’m waiting for the right moment to be ready to do some street photos here in Monopoli, where in all these summers (its my family hometown) I collected a lot of nice pictures of the city and its daily life. So welcome in this Chapter 3 and thank you for the good feedback you gave to the first 2 posts. I’m glad you like it! For the moment, this is the only street photo I took in Monopoli in these first days.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 2

A new chapter of my new feature PAOS (Photography and Other Stuff). Thank you for the feedbacks and the clicks on the first chapter, I’m happy that you appreciated it. I’m about to leave Roma for some weeks, like every summer, but I won’t leave you: the blog will be open and full of new contents also from the Southern Italy! I will open this new chapter with a picture I took last summer and I never posted before, it’s funny how sometimes you find in your folders some images that in the first place you didn’t like and then, after one year in this case, you find it nice. I took this one in the harbor of Monopoli.
Welcome in the Second Chapter!

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