28 January 2023

A beautiful walk to the Musei Capitolini is always a good way to discover, once again, the beautiful art of Romans and the stunning past of my city. Sometimes I forget to live in a city like Rome, in such a incredible place, so it’s important to remind me, through museums and walks, how beautiful can be, despite the difficulties, costs etc.

Photo Culture #12: Sebastiao Salgado

In the mid-1980s, the Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado made an extraordinary reportage on the Sierra Pelada gold mine in Brazil. Since the first gold was found in the quarry, there has been a continuous coming and going of men who left their lands to work in the mine, hoping to find a gold nugget. And so, every day, an enormous number of people went up and down the precarious ladders in the quarry, dozens of times a day, carrying bags of mud weighing 60 kilos, in which they looked for even the smallest trace of precious metal. One of the most incredible and powerful reportage ever made in the history of photography.

The Hand of God

11 years ago, on my first day in Buenos Aires, I entered a church and there I found a boy who was praying in an Argentina jersey, with that number on his back… It was the day I fell in love with that people. Congratulations for the World Cup, Argentina.

8 December 2022

Yesterday I was walking on Ponte Sisto, the bridge that connect the Historic Center of Rome with Trastevere. When I saw that hand I immediately took a photo of it, I didn’t want their heads in the picture, just that hand, so clear in the middle of the darkness. It’s slightly out of focus, but I had to carpe diem!

4 December 2022

Today I walked around Colosseo and I met a guy, he was about to do a wedding proposal (I guess). I asked him for a portrait and he said yes (I hope his girlfriend said yes too!). Then I took a photo of a beautiful sunset (nothing original, I know). Then I tried to change completely my style. I felt a bit melancholic today so I tried to send the blues away through photography. I took some image in black and white and then I used a blue tone to underline my feelings. And after this shoots I felt better: creativity can be a great therapy.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 6

Last week of July. I don’t have great news for you, I took some photos here and there and I found a great offer on Amazon about a photobook I was looking for since longtime. I should walk more and take more photos, I know, but I’m in holiday and I’m taking everything very slowly. In August I’ll change my attitude and I’ll walk a lot more to take new photos from my summer residence in Southern Italy. I don’t miss Rome, so far, but I’m already thinking about all the things that have to restart with the new season. Here a photo that I took before sunset in Monopoli. A good place for relax and charge your mental batteries!

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 5

Hi everybody, here is a new chapter of our PAOS. I’m happy that you appreciate this new feature of the blog, so let’s go with a new post full of images and more. Well, I don’t have Corona anymore, so last week was more interesting for me: I went back to Rome for the weekend to attend a wedding (and take pictures to my just married friends), so I had the chance to take some photos in the train station and more. Than I came back to Monopoli, in the Southern Italy, where I had the chance to visit more towns not far from here: Polignano a Mare, Cisternino and Locorotondo. I close this introduction showing you a photo a took in Termini Station in Rome, sunday morning at 7am.

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