19 November 2022

Today I went to a beautiful exhibition in the Historic Centre of Rome. I dared leaving my apartment even though weather forecast said that it would be a rainy rainy day. It was the right afternoon not only for taking some good picture under the rain but also to visit a great exhibition in a wonderful location (“Eyeshot 2022”, I’ll talk about it in the next chapter of PAOS). And so it was, I’m happy for it. Here some image I took today.

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16 November 2022

A little walk in the neighborhood, before sunset. Yesterday the sky was cloudy so it wasn’t the best day for taking pictures (at least, until started to rain!). I rested a lot in front of the window of a Chinese restaurant, trying to play with the reflections and I realized a couple of images for my series “Raindrop Blues”. I enjoyed it. Then I went to the supermarket: as I told you before, it really was a little walk!

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 10

Summer is definitely gone. Even if this year in Rome it looked like endless, but it’s official, summer is gone. Days are shorter, darkness are eating our afternoons more and more, and it’s not easy to go out every day and take pictures. But there is some good news in the air: I’m working on a new reportage from my series “Roma Coast to Coast” (I’ll talk about that later) and, best news, the community of Roma Street Photography is finally back in town (same here, I’ll tell you more in the next paragraphs). My Film People Project is going on too and so, even I’m perennially unsatisfied with myself, good things are about to happen. Maybe. Well, welcome in this new chapter of PAOS, I don’t want to write more introduction because I have a lot of things to talk about. Let’s start, just after this photo taken the 1st of November, the day after Halloween.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 9

October is almost gone and it’s been a month full of interesting things. The 17th edition of Rome Film Fest is over and I’m back to my usual life after ten days full of movies and passion for Cinema. It’s always nice to live in a “different dimension” where everybody talks about films and the problems of the real world seem to be far and distant. But, at the end, you have to come back to your life and so… Well, in this new chapter you will find a selection of my latest street photos from Rome, as usual, my photos at Rome Film Fest, of course, new portraits for my Film People Project, a new photo from my series Raindrop Blues (right below) and a lot more. Enjoy!

A new photo from my series “Raindrop Blues”
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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 8

October is always been my favorite month, for a lot of reasons: summer heat is finally over, the light is amazing, I love autumn a lot, then next week it’s my birthday. In a few days a new edition of Rome Film Fest begins and I’m going to attend it once again, to watch a lot of (good, I hope) movies and take pictures. Actually it’s not a great moment for me and my photography, I’m a bit stuck, but it’s something that happens often in this job and I’m not really worried about it. So let’s find out what I have to show you in this eighth chapter of “Photography and Other Stuff”! First, an image of Monopoli that I realized for my series Urban Melodies: a beautiful sunset in Portavecchia area.

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Q & A – Film People Project

My Film People Project was born in February 2019. It’s a series of portraits where each person is photographed with the title of his/her favorite film, or what he/she consider the film of his/her heart. Since often the people portrayed (and not only) ask me many questions about this project, I decided to collect the questions on this page to fully satisfy your curiosity. So far I realized 168 photos and I can’t wait for the next!

Why did you choose to do this project?
There are so many influences that have then flowed into this project. First of all, I studied cinema, which is perhaps my greatest passion, and I liked the idea of ​​combining two things that I love very much: cinema and photography. This was definitely the spark. Then, also influenced by the beautiful Humans of New York project, I thought it would be interesting to discover, through the choice of the favorite film, the stories behind this choice, why a person wrote the title of a film rather than another. I believe that the choice of the favorite film can reveal a lot about the person portrayed: an intimate corner of his person, somehow a piece of his soul, so I liked this idea of ​​discovering which film was behind the people I meet. Normally I realize urban photography and street photography, but I have always been fascinated by portraits, a photographic genre that I really desired to experiment: I am quite a shy person and I knew that this project would also be a challenge for me with myself, to improve an aspect of me that, with the work I do, I definitely need to develop.

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Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 7

Here I am with a new Chapter of PAOS, that is not only a Greek island, but also the acronym for “Photography And Other Stuff”. I didn’t have time to fully live my city back, Rome, that I had to come back in Monopoli, in Southern Italy, for a week. So I didn’t take many pictures in Rome but at least I had the chance to take some photos in Monopoli again. I’m thinking of a new project and this month for me is a period of study, I’m trying to read a lot and I’m looking at tons of images to inspire myself. Let’s see what happens. I open this new Chapter with this image I took in Rome yesterday: a good way to mask your surroundings with art!

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My Apulian Summer

Summer is gone: I’m back in Rome, to my “usual” life, and now I have to look back to my Apulian summer to watch the photos I took, the life I caught, the moments I tried to keep in mind (and in the camera). It’s been a beautiful summer (even if I got the Corona), full of things to do, waves to swim, friends to meet and streets to walk. Of course I took a lot of pictures, included something for my series Raindrop Blues and Film People (not in this post, but there will be in the next chapter of “Photography and Other Stuff”, coming soon). Here a small selection of some (maybe) good street photo of my summer in Monopoli (and other cities too), hope you’re going to like it! All the pictures are taken with Ricoh GR III Street Edition.

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