The Times They Are A-Changin’

I always think that one of the most important thing in photography, especially street photography, is to tell the times we are living for the future, in particular the life of the cities, that change day by day, so fast. For example, in March 2011 I was visiting New York City, walking everywhere and taking pictures. I remember when, on the 59th Street in Manhattan, I saw this man having a cigarette break outside an Italian restaurant, characterized by a beautiful and huge red wall. I loved that scene, the contrast between the red of the building and that white dressed man. It’s one of my favorite street photos I took in NYC.

So, this is how was that wall in 2011, this is the picture I’m talking about:

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14 February 2023

A nice walk in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and take some pictures. I love the first image, a couple on Ponte Sisto, and it would be nice to find them to give them this photo as a gift. It really would be nice. The second photo made me think a lot. When I was a teenager I used to do stupid jokes with my friends, talking a lot about nonsenses. I enjoyed their company. In this photo everyone of this classroom is watching at his/her smartphone. What happened? I don’t want to judge, it’s just a consideration about our times. What do you think?

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28 January 2023

A beautiful walk to the Musei Capitolini is always a good way to discover, once again, the beautiful art of Romans and the stunning past of my city. Sometimes I forget to live in a city like Rome, in such a incredible place, so it’s important to remind me, through museums and walks, how beautiful can be, despite the difficulties, costs etc.

A Step Back: The Most Appreciated Posts of This Blog

Happy New Year to everybody! I’m sure you are all projected to the future and your good resolutions:I want to take one last step back and make a list of all the best articles in my blog that you may have missed. I wrote so many things about photography and if I have to look back I feel comfortable with Living is easy with one eye closed. It dosn’t have great numbers, a lot of visitors or followers, but I love people that read this blog and whoever is here with me so thank you. I don’t need 100 or 1000 visits per day, I write it for me, to pour out my thoughts about photography (and sometimes about life). So I’m happy with it! Here a list with some interesting posts, if you like it feel free to share one of them on your channels and social media, it will help the growth of this blog (but it’s not my goal, as I said before). Have a wonderful 2023!

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My Best Street Photos of 2022

This year is almost gone. I don’t want to write a post about my 2022, it would be too self-centred and boring. By the way, it’s been a year full of different things, good and bad, as happens to everybody, I guess. But let’s talk about photography. I tried to select the best street photos I took during this year, since the midnight of the 1 January until now (well, 2022 is not over and maybe I could take some good photos today or tomorrow, but I don’t think so…). Just pure street photos, no Raindrop Blues nor Urban Melodies. I chose the photos according to my personal taste, so I’m not really sure about my selection, I’m not a great editor of myself. But it’s ok, here is the gallery and I hope you will enjoy it!

I wish you the best for 2023 and I hope you can achieve all your good resolutions. See you next year and thanks for being here.

1 January: a few minutes after midnight. In Rome there was a surreal fog that night, so fireworks were soft, weird, they look like a galaxy or a starry night sky. It was beautiful.
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Photography and the Obsession with the Passage of Time

“Time” by Pink Floyd always told us to pay attention to the passage of time (“And you are young and life is long and there is time to kill today, and then one day you find ten years have got behind you”). And what have we done? We didn’t bother that much. But one day we woke up and realized that time had passed, we looked in the mirror and noticed some gray hair. There isn’t a day when I don’t think about how quickly things change: a blink of an eye and you’ve finished university, a few beers and you find yourself already catapulted into adulthood. Rivers of nostalgia. A moment ago I was young and life seemed very long, the time to take a breath and I’m already 41 years old.

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10 Years of Urban Melodies

In December 2012 I was returned since a few months from a trip to Istanbul where I discovered in a exhibition Jak Baruh’s photos, a Turkish photographer who works with multiple exposures: it was an illumination. I wrote a small note in my notebook and then I left it there for two-three months to “rest”. On December 14, 2012, I finally started working on some photos of Paris, without even imagining what it would lead me to. It wasn’t a very successful test, but it was the seed of a photographic project that I now have the good fortune and privilege to call work. Ten years later, hundreds and hundreds of URBAN MELODIES are hanging on walls all over the world, thanks to them I did a private exhibition in Chicago, I went on a cruise ship, in Jordan, on the French Riviera and hopefully, in the future, in other beautiful places.

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8 December 2022

Yesterday I was walking on Ponte Sisto, the bridge that connect the Historic Center of Rome with Trastevere. When I saw that hand I immediately took a photo of it, I didn’t want their heads in the picture, just that hand, so clear in the middle of the darkness. It’s slightly out of focus, but I had to carpe diem!

Is Asking Strangers For A Portrait So Dreadful?

Is asking strangers for a portrait so dreadful? Probably not, according to a lot of photographers that usually do Street Portraits in their life. I always felt a fascination for people and when I see a project based on portraits of strangers met on the street, I dream to do something like that. I think often about my photography and how can improve myself, so a few days ago I asked a question to FlakPhoto Network on Facebook:

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