The Phoblographer Loves Raindrop Blues!

I’m really proud to share this interview that I did for the amazing The Phoblographer, one of the most important online magazine about photography. They really appreciated my series Raindrop Blues, that was defined a “Refreshing twist on a genre that has risked becoming stale over the years”. If you want to read my interview you can find it here:

“The Pursuit of (my) Happiness” by Massimiliano Vecchi

Last year italian photographer Massimiliano Vecchi went in Africa for an amazing travel that changed his perspective about life itself. “I didn’t go in Ghana to shoot a reportage”, says Massimiliano, “our mission was to live the experience helping people of Potter’s Village”. He doesn’t want to call it “reportage” because he didn’t prepare it, but actually is one of the most interesting and impressive series of pictures that I’ve seen in the last months: “I didn’t look for anything, I let the journey guide me. It’s been the freest mental condition for a photographer”. In these beautiful images taken in Dodowa and Potter’s Village emerge a visual and vital power that is difficult to tell with words. You can see here a small selection of images (and a 4 minutes touching video that describes the experience), but I warmly reccomend you to watch the entire album on Massimiliano’s website: L’Africa, il Ghana, Dodowa ed il Potter’s Village: la ricerca della (mia) felicità. The best thing that you’ll see today (and also tomorrow).

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Roma: Street Photography in the Eternal City

For Street Photography, Roma is one of the most interesting cities in the world. A place full of contradictions, where the sacred and the profane, Romans and foreigners, the bourgeois soul and the popular one coexist. A colorful mixture of students, workers, politicians, priests, tourists and artists. All of them in constant balance between religious faith, football faith, political faith or simply between the various nuances of daily life. My ambition, as a photographer born and raised in Rome, is to catch these contradictions, collecting random moments from the life of my city. Moments that can reflect its moods, its colors, its feelings. But above all, through Street Photography, moments that can tell its life.

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Buon 25 Aprile

On April 25, 2010 I inaugurated my first photographic exhibition in the Montoro Gallery, a stone’s throw from Campo de’ Fiori. That time I had exhibited photographs that, except for a few, today I do not even find worthy of being posted on social media: it’s always important to see where you started and look today at what point of the journey you are. I also find it significant that the first day of my artistic career falls on the day that I love most: in Italy the 25th of April is the Liberation Day from the nazifascism.

Long Live Liberation, Long Live Liberty, Long Live on April 25th!

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Diario da Casa – 19 Aprile

Torno al mio diario dopo 11 giorni in cui mi sono dedicato completamente, dalla mattina alla sera, alla costruzione del mio nuovo sito web, che è già online e che è possibile visitare qui: Il lavoro è stato lungo, in alcuni momenti anche un po’ frustrante, ma posso orgogliosamente dire che è finito. Ci sono alcuni dettagli che vorrei sistemare (ad esempio le pagine Shop e About), ma ci penserò con calma, l’importante è che le gallerie fotografiche siano proprio come le avevo desiderate.

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My New Website!

Quarantine and the total lack of job of this period for me has been the perfect moment to rebuild completely my website. I hardly worked on it for a week but now I can finally show you the result: there’s something to fix, I still have to do some retouch, but it’s ready to be discovered by you. New graphic, new galleries, new domain ( Suggestions and feedbacks are more than welcome. Do you like it? You are allowed to lie (so please say yes!). Click on the image to visit my brand new website!

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