Inge Morath al Museo di Trastevere

Il Museo di Trastevere regala sempre grandi mostre fotografiche e quella della fotografa austriaca Inge Morath, una delle prime donne ad entrare nella mitica agenzia Magnum, non fa eccezione: “La fotografia è essenzialmente una questione personale: la ricerca di una verità interiore”.

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Best of 2019

2019 is almost gone. For me it’s been a year full of satisfactions: first of all, it’s been my very first year of Photography. I mean, for the first time, since last december, photography is been my only job and this is something incredible to me. 2019 led me to Milan for a photo fair and in the village of Amandola, to teach photography to a group of young students (amazing experience). In June I went to Chicago to exhibit my Urban Melodies and I had a flashtalk about my project at Pritzker Forum on Global Cities, it’s been the greatest thing ever happened to me as a photographer. I began my new series Film People and I’m loving it (last week it’s been featured on Vanity Fair!), I went in Greece, to shoot a wonderful wedding and to Amman, Jordan, for a job that made me improve as a photographer. I won Roma Photo Marathon, a great satisfaction. Then, I had the chance to spend in Monopoli my summer holidays and in Sicily my Christmas holidays. I’ve changed apartment in Rome, so it’s been a year full of changes and new expreriences. I tried to collect a random selection of my best street photos of this 2019, I don’t know if I did a good selection, but here they are.

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Come Mantenere Viva la tua Passione per la Fotografia

[How To Keep Your Passion For Photography Alive When You’re Facing a Crisis: english version here]

Ti ricordi quando hai cominciato a scattare foto? Eri pieno di entusiasmo, scattavi foto ad ogni cosa, a chiunque, in qualunque momento. Poi, quando sei diventato un po’ più esperto, hai cominciato a scattare di meno, ma la qualità delle tue foto è migliorata. Alla fine, soprattutto quando la fotografia diventa il tuo lavoro, ti tocca affrontare una crisi, la mancanza di stimoli si insinua nel tuo cervello, sei stufo della tua macchina fotografica e non hai voglia di scattare. Non ti preoccupare, è abbastanza normale, ci sono un sacco di modi per superare la crisi e trovare nuova ispirazione.

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November 2019

November spawned a monster, as Morrissey should say. Beside beautiful songs, November really was a month full of rain (and it’s normal), where I took not many street photos (less normal). In this month I was focused on commissioned works, I went to Amman, Jordan, for a job, but I’ve seen only the airport and the hotel, so I didn’t have time to wander and explore the city (and I had the fever, as well!). So the selection of this month is not so rich, but here it is: my 10 best images of November.

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Rome Film Fest 2019 – Photo Gallery


Every year since 2006, when the Festival was born, in October I attend the Rome Film Fest as a film critic for my cineblog Una Vita da Cinefilo. I studied cinema at the university so watching movies is probably my biggest passion, maybe more than photography. Anyway, my camera is always with me, so as every year I had the possibility to take pictures to actors (Edward Norton, Bill Murray, John Travolta), directors (Martin Scorsese, Kore’eda Hirokazu, Ron Howard, Ethan Coen, Wes Anderson), common people and go on with my series Film People, that I invite you to follow. Here a selection of images from Festa del Cinema 2019.

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How To Keep Your Passion For Photography Alive When You’re Facing a Crisis


[Come Mantenere Viva la tua Passione per la Fotografia: versione italiana qui]

Do you remember when you begun to take photos? You was full of enthusiasm, you used to take pictures to everything, everybody in every moment. Then, when you get more experience, you begin to shoot less, but the quality of your pictures is better. Finally, mostly when photography becomes your job, you have to face a crisis, a lack of motivation slides inside your brain, you are sick of your camera and bored to take pictures. But don’t worry, it’s pretty normal and there are a lot of ways to overcome this crisis and get new inspirations.

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“Japan” by Daniele Salutari


The country that I always dream about is, without any doubt, Japan. I’d really like to visit it one day, I think it would be the best for my photography style and for my taste. When this amazing country meets a great street photographer like Daniele Salutari, after seeing the images I dream of Japan even more, if possible. But words are not enough to explain it, let the images talk! Enjoy this gallery and visit Daniele’s website or Instagram.

[Looking for more inspiration? Join us in the group Living Is Easy With One Eye Closed]

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