My Best Street Photos of 2022

This year is almost gone. I don’t want to write a post about my 2022, it would be too self-centred and boring. By the way, it’s been a year full of different things, good and bad, as happens to everybody, I guess. But let’s talk about photography. I tried to select the best street photos I took during this year, since the midnight of the 1 January until now (well, 2022 is not over and maybe I could take some good photos today or tomorrow, but I don’t think so…). Just pure street photos, no Raindrop Blues nor Urban Melodies. I chose the photos according to my personal taste, so I’m not really sure about my selection, I’m not a great editor of myself. But it’s ok, here is the gallery and I hope you will enjoy it!

I wish you the best for 2023 and I hope you can achieve all your good resolutions. See you next year and thanks for being here.

1 January: a few minutes after midnight. In Rome there was a surreal fog that night, so fireworks were soft, weird, they look like a galaxy or a starry night sky. It was beautiful.
16 February: I took a lot of photos that afternoon, of the same kind. I don’t know if I chose the best one, but I like the expression of this man, with the emperor Ottaviano Augusto behind him.
2 April: I was in Antibes, on the French Riviera, for a work. During my first day of shooting I bumped into this nice dog, who smiled at me. It made my day.
4 April: Same travel, different city. That afternoon I went to Cannes and I fell in love with this scene. Two chairs on the Croisette Beach. I really enjoyed the silence of that moment.
6 April: My flight was cancelled, so I had to spend two more days in France. I went to Marseille, to visit some French friends and my friend Laetitia brought me in a beautiful café, La Caravelle, where I saw this nice scene, almost hopperesque.
6 April: Same day, still in Marseille. I took a candid photo to that blue haired girl and only some day after, once I was back in Rome, I noticed the sign Blue Way on the background. The magic serendipity of street photography. It was luck.
19 May: Rome, in Monti area, a girl was reading a book enjoying the only spray of sun on the fountain. Maybe the light was too much for her, because she covered her eyes with a bookmark.
25 May: What a beautiful day! Roma won the Conference League and I spent all night celebrating the first European trophey of my football team after 61 years (so the first one of my life). In Testaccio area, people was full of joy, happiness and love, as this beautiful couple.
26 May: The day after the winning, the streets of Roma were full of people celebrating, singing and dancing everywhere. Someone climbed a traffic light to enjoy the scene.
26 May: That day I took tons of pictures, as you can easily guess. In this one, people poured its passion around the bus with the football players.
12 July: After ten days of Corona, the first day I was negative again I took a walk in Monopoli and I really enjoyed the vast of that scene, with the sea, the sky at sunset, the people (and also the Roma jersey on that boy!).
6 August: I love take photos of hugs, kisses, love and all this good things. It makes photography a way to spread joy.
14 August: Usually I don’t like vertical photos, maybe my film and performing art studies influenced my way to see the world, who knows. But vertical was the only way to show this scene: I was in Monopoli during the Feast Day of Madonna della Madia, and I took this photo when fireworks started to enlight the sky. That couple missed the scene.
15 August: Another vertical photos, but also in this case it was the best way to show that scene. I love like the balloons looked like an entity that walks “on its legs”.
7 September: I came back in Monopoli in september too so I had the possibility to take some photos. A guy and a girl smile between weird yellow blocks.
8 September: After august, Monopoli, a beautiful sea city in the Southern Italy, is more empty so it’s easy to take good photos of people on the street.
9 September: A rainbow over the sea was the best way to dismiss from Monopoli.
11 October: A month later, a rainbow over the Trajan’s Forum was the best way to embrace Roman autumn.
6 November: Piazza Navona.  I noticed this pink-haired girl so I followed her to take some candid photos. This is my favorite picture among those I took during the day.
14 November: Underground is always a great spot for street photography. I like how light enlight their faces and that there is a train in the background to contextualize the scene.
8 December: I was walking on Ponte Sisto, the bridge that connect the Historic Center of Rome with Trastevere. When I saw that hand I immediately took a photo of it, I didn’t want their head in the picture, just that hand, so clear in the middle of the darkness. It’s slightly out of focus, but I had to carpe diem!
15 December: I went to Cinema Troisi for a press screening and when I saw this scene I thought about David Lynch, doppelgangers and the Club Silencio in Mulholland Drive.
19 Dicembre: I was in Piazza Esedra for a press screening: after the movie I came across into Sinisa Mihajlovic’s funeral celebration. There was fans and former football players from every part of Italy, it was touching and very warm. It was nice.


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