How To Make A List Of Street Photographers?

“Roma” and “Street Photography” are two things that I have in my mind, always. Sometimes I wonder who, besides me, is telling my city through this photographic genre. Once there was a community of Roman street photographers, but after the pandemic that community not exists anymore (very sad, I know). So, I’d like to jot down a list of all the street photographers based in Rome, just to map who is telling my city through Street Photography. Please, suggest me what requirements a photographer need to have to be on this list: a website? Constancy? Exhibitions? Features on a magazine? Or what? I don’t want to judge the quality, it’s not my intent, only understand why a person should be on this list. Who can be defined street photographer? I mean, taking street photos twice in a year is not enough, I guess. Any idea?

Please help me to understand how to make this list and if you also have some name, be my guest!

In the meanwhile, a small gallery with some street photo of Rome, taken by other photographers.

(Stefano Mirabella)

(Eolo Perfido)

(Massimiliano Vecchi)

(Maurizio Scacchi)

(Andrea Boccone)

(Paolo Migliorisi)

(Lucio Frabotta)

(Daniele Pace)

(Cristina Duca)

(Alessandro Schiariti)

(Luca Paccusse)

(Liliana Ranalletta)


2 thoughts on “How To Make A List Of Street Photographers?

  1. some amazing street moments here. especially in bw. I never visited Rome, so I can’t help. I will wait to see what you will find and build.
    Street photography is kinda way of life. And it’s not about how often one goes to the street with his/her camera and how long he/her is staying on the street. Is it possible to find Street photography opportunities also on the way to the supermarket 😉

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