Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 6

Last week of July. I don’t have great news for you, I took some photos here and there and I found a great offer on Amazon about a photobook I was looking for since longtime. I should walk more and take more photos, I know, but I’m in holiday and I’m taking everything very slowly. In August I’ll change my attitude and I’ll walk a lot more to take new photos from my summer residence in Southern Italy. I don’t miss Rome, so far, but I’m already thinking about all the things that have to restart with the new season. Here a photo that I took before sunset in Monopoli. A good place for relax and charge your mental batteries!

Street Photography: As I said before, I’m guilty: I’m not taking a lot of pictures and I don’t have a great selection to show you. This is the best I collect in the last week, here in Monopoli.

Antibes Dream: The artwork I worked on last spring is finally arrived in Australia and now it’s on the wall of a fantastic couple. I adored every steps of this project and I’m in heaven knowing that my creation finally found its home. This is a picture that my clients sent me. I’m so happy and grateful!

Photo of the Week: This great photo comes from Berlin and it was taken by Dovlet Annayev. About his photography, he says: “I am a passionate and hobbyist street photographer. As a focal length, I shoot with 50mm usually. I am trying to show the moments which we miss or don’t see easily in our daily life. For that reason carrying my camera always with me, and when I am walking on the streets adjusting my camera settings based on condition”. This scene is absolutely fantastic: the neon light, the snow, this mysterious man staring at the kiosk. It reminds me a movie I’d like to watch.

Street Photography: A History in 100 Iconic Images: An offer you can’t refuse. Amazon is offering this beautiful photobook, curated by David Gibson, that usually costs 29€, at only 6,64€!!! If you purchase it now you will save 22,36€. It’s a great offer and I immediately took it, the only problem is that it arrived in Rome and I have to wait two more weeks before see it! This is the description: “Now available in paperback, this extensive collection of the world’s best street photography captures daily life in every corner of the globe. From pre-war gelatin silver prints to 21st-century digital images, from documentary to abstract, from New York’s Central Park to a mountain city in Mongolia, these photographs reveal the many ways street photography moves, informs, and excites us. The book includes work by the likes of Margaret Bourke-White, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz, Gordon Parks, André Kertész, Garry Winogrand, Roger Mayne, and other masters of street photography who pushed the genre’s boundaries and continue to innovate today. Each exquisitely reproduced photograph is accompanied by an informative text which reveals the story behind the image. David Gibson’s insightful introduction traces the history of street photography, reflects on its broad appeal, and looks toward the future of the genre”.

The Naked City: “The Naked City” is a 1948 American film noir directed by Jules Dassin, starring Barry Fitzgerald, Howard Duff, Dorothy Hart and Don Taylor. The film, shot almost entirely on location in New York City, depicts the police investigation that follows the murder of a young model. I love how the city is part of the story, it’s like it was a real character. If you pause the movie in a scene outdoor, it looks like a street photo taken by Bruce Davidson or another Newyorker photographer. The movie was released in 1948 but the look is very modern for its epoch. A great film, I loved it!

Pulp: The great news of last week it about the reunion of Pulp. I love their songs, for example the charge that a song like “Common People” gives me is something unique! So I spent last afternoon listening once again a great album like “Different Class”, a masterpiece from the 90s.


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