Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 5

Hi everybody, here is a new chapter of our PAOS. I’m happy that you appreciate this new feature of the blog, so let’s go with a new post full of images and more. Well, I don’t have Corona anymore, so last week was more interesting for me: I went back to Rome for the weekend to attend a wedding (and take pictures to my just married friends), so I had the chance to take some photos in the train station and more. Than I came back to Monopoli, in the Southern Italy, where I had the chance to visit more towns not far from here: Polignano a Mare, Cisternino and Locorotondo. I close this introduction showing you a photo a took in Termini Station in Rome, sunday morning at 7am.

Street Photography: As I wrote before, I took some pictures in different cities like Monopoli, Polignano, Cisternino and Locorotondo. Here a selection of my best street photos taken in those places.

Wedding: Saturday I was in Rome to attend a wedding. Usually I don’t shoot weddings, just when some friends ask me so, as a present. So it’s been a huge pleasure to freeze this very important day for my friends Marco and Marta. I have something like 750 images to edit, but I’m happy for it. I like to shoot this kind of event as a reportage, with candid images of joy, love and friendship. Here just a very small selection of the first images I edited.

Photo of the Week: What a wonderful photo! It was taken by Czech photographer Ladislav Rombald in Prague, I love how the scene is composed: the teddy bear on the right, the woman on the left, the dynamism of the train in the background. Take a look to Ladislav’s profile and enjoy all the images of this series in the subway: amazing work!

The Power of the Dog: I purchased “The Power of the Dog” by Don Winslow and I read just a bunch of pages, so far. It’s incredible, well-written, you are immeditely involved in the story, you need just a couple of line to be totally in. Can’t wait to read more and find out what happens in this story. I’m pretty sure it will be a great novel.

Following: Christopher Nolan’s first feature film proves that to make excellent cinema you need a good idea, a lot of determination and little else. The story is pretty simple: an aspiring writer follows people on the street to learn about them and get ideas for his novel. One day, one of the followed, he reveals himself to the boy and introduces himself as Cobb, a very elegant apartment rat. In fact, Cobb enters other people’s homes and tries to steal something about their life, drink their wine and steal some CDs. His purpose is actually quite different. Shot in black and white with a film that Nolan paid for himself, with non-professional actors (who worked for free) and using their real apartments as the set of the film, Nolan makes a hymn to independent cinema, building his cinematic debut. with a montage that is very reminiscent of what he will later use as the skeleton of his next film, the masterpiece “Memento”. A film that in its simplicity is of dazzling beauty, capable of showing off all the creative genius of an author that in the following decade would have produced beautiful films, at least as long as creativity and inspiration would assist him (but this is another matter).

Explosions in the Sky: When I was in train, coming back to Rome, I was looking for something relaxing to listen. So I decided to dip myself in the beautiful sound of this band from Austin, Texas. Its music is without lyrics and it looks like a beatiful soundtrack, while you are doing something else. The perfect songs to listen when you are on a train, looking outside the window (mostly if outside the window there is a nice sunset like this one I captured in photo). When you are ready, listen.



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