Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 3

Welcome in the third Chapter of PAOS (Photography And Other Stuff): I’m finally in the Southern Italy, in the beautiful Monopoli, and I’m writing to you from my “summer office”, nothing more than a cozy beach lounger in my balcony. Last week I’ve visited a photo exhibition in Roma and now I’m waiting for the right moment to be ready to do some street photos here in Monopoli, where in all these summers (its my family hometown) I collected a lot of nice pictures of the city and its daily life. So welcome in this Chapter 3 and thank you for the good feedback you gave to the first 2 posts. I’m glad you like it! For the moment, this is the only street photo I took in Monopoli in these first days.

FotoLeggendo: Before leaving Roma, I visisted a part of the Photo Festival organised by Officine Fotografiche: I went on Metro Garbatella bridge for a collettive exhibition, with a lot of projects and series realized by photography students of Officine Fotografiche (maybe the most important photography school in Roma). There was some interesting series and some bad project, but four of them were really great, in my opinion. My favorite photographers at FotoLeggendo 2022 were Federico Forte, Aurora Massini, Gian Marco Venturi and Mauro Cittadini, you can zoom on these pictures I took to enjoy their series.

Street Photography: As I told before I arrived in Monopoli just a few days ago, so I didn’t have time to do some good photowalk… But I drove from Roma to Monopoli and I did a small break in a gas station for a quick lunch and a coffee and I had with me my camera, of course, so I took a couple of (bad) street photos. I hope to begin to shoot again this week.

Photo of the Week: Well, I always scroll my social networks and the infinite world of Internet to find good photos, looking for inspiration or just to see something beautiful. This week I want to show you this beautiful picture taken that Turkish photographer Emir Bozkurt took in Mardin (Turkey). I love the composition, how black tones and white tones are balanced and the scene is really great.

Stranger Things 4: No spoiler, don’t be afraid. Well, it’s not a movie, but you know, tv shows are also welcome in this space. I didn’t like very much this forth season, I mean, it’s better than the second one and maybe the third one too, but it’s still too repetitive and definitely too long. I like a lot the storyline of Vecna and all the things that happens in Hawkins, but the Russian part is really boring and quite useless for the story. Eleven’s storyline is also full of silly moments (bullies, bullies everywhere!) but it’s definitely better in the last three episodes. In my opinion, the first season of Stranger Things is still one of the best tv shows I’ve ever seen, the other three are just ok. Did you watch it?

Everytime I have to drive a lot I choose a band or a singer to be with me on the road. This time, in my travel from Roma to Monopoli, I listened Pearl Jam all the time, more or less. So the album of this week has to be Vitalogy, during the trip I sang Corduroy like I was in a concert!

2 thoughts on “Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 3

  1. Absolutely agree about the Strangers Things. This season is different. The first two episodes are mostly about the school and the 80s vibes and finally very silly as well. I love the 1st season, it was like part of the reality. I remember that after the 1st season immediately i watched the german DARK tv show and it was amazing to jump to the literally dark and serious mood.

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