Photography and Other Stuff – Chapter 2

A new chapter of my new feature PAOS (Photography and Other Stuff). Thank you for the feedbacks and the clicks on the first chapter, I’m happy that you appreciated it. I’m about to leave Roma for some weeks, like every summer, but I won’t leave you: the blog will be open and full of new contents also from the Southern Italy! I will open this new chapter with a picture I took last summer and I never posted before, it’s funny how sometimes you find in your folders some images that in the first place you didn’t like and then, after one year in this case, you find it nice. I took this one in the harbor of Monopoli.
Welcome in the Second Chapter!

Street Photography: Even if Rome is really warm this month, last week I tried to take some street photos in my neighborhood. Nothing great, but it’s always good to keep the eyes open. I’m waiting to come back in Monopoli to feed my inspiration with something different.

Shooting: I took pictures to a great emerging Italian actor, Sergio. I loved the approach we had for this shooting, indeed we first talked about his “character”, then I tried to dip him in a cinematic location, to reflect all the references and the inspirations that he told me. So we went in a former slaughterhouse to recreate a sort of “urban western” situation, then we finished the shooting on a riverbank, a location with asphalt and wild nature. We are very happy with the result.

Street Photography In The World: Facebook is not very interesting anymore, it lost something of its initial potential and now is quite useless for photographers. But you can still find something good and today I suggest you to take a look to the group of Street Photography In The World, a huge community of street photographers where you can share your best images and watch a lot of amazing pictures. It really worths. This one was taken in Naples by Robbie McIntosh:

Grosegram: Instagram, as Facebook, is not very interesting as before. Now it’s full of ads, reels and it’s not easy to find something interesting about photography. But I’m following with a lot of interest Giuliana and her account Grosegram, she talks about street photography with a nice candor, freshness and simpathy (she also met Steve McCurry while walking in Rome!). Her account is in Italian, but you know, the language of photography is universal!

Cinema is one of my greatest passion (I also studied Cinema at the university) and since 2010 I have a blog about movies and tv series (it’s in Italian, but if interested you can use Google Translate to read my reviews): Una Vita Da Cinefilo. June is almost ended and it’s time to write my 5 favorite movies released in Italy in 2022, just to do an analysis of this first half of the year. Well, my Top5 is “Licorice Pizza”, “Belfast”, “Cmon Cmon”, “Paris 13Arr” and “Alcarràs”. Have you watched some of this movies? If you want, let me know your Top5 in the comments. Anyway you can always check my film diary on Letterboxd.

The Woman Who Walked Into Doors: I just began this Roddy Doyle’s novel and I find it very nice. I love Roddy Doyle’s style, maybe he’s one of my favorite writers, I guess. I loved some of his novels like “The Commitments”, “Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha”, “The Van” or “The Snapper”, the mood is always great and characters are so Irish! Very happy to had begun this novel, I’ll talk about it again once finished.

This week I discovered this David Gilmour’s song and I really in love with it: “Yes, I Have Ghosts” is a melancholic and suggestive waltz. The song was registred just before the lockdown and released in 2020. A perfect soundtrack for my summer night walks.



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