My Antibes Art Commission

As I told you in a previous post, in April I went to France to realize an image that was commissioned to me from Australia. All began last November, when I received an email from a beautiful couple near Melbourne, that asked me if I was available to go to Antibes for a commissioned artwork. After months of work, attempts, slight changes, paper tests and test prints, shipped to the other side of the world, today I sent to my Print Lab the final image, that it will be print in a exclusive and unique piece long almost 150cm! It was one of the best job I ever worked on, I loved all the phases of the commission: organise the travel, look for the accomodations, the shooting itself (where I took all the images I need to create the artwork), the creative side (where I looked for the right combination of images for my multiple exposure), the chats with the clients to change something and improve the picture (they were very kind and helpful), the tests I did to choose the best paper for this image. Now I just have to wait for the print, then I have to ship it in Australia, final step of a long but very lovely journey. This is the image I created, where I put all the things that I loved of Antibes: the beautiful skyline with the rampart walls and the sea, the statue of the Alphabet Man, the “Lion House”, the boats at the marina, the lovely alleys, palm trees and also the spices of the Provencal Market. I really love the image that came out, my clients are really happy and so am I: their happiness is my happiness. Do you like it?


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