A Message For You

Today I’ll take the last picture of my 365 Project. As you know I took and posted on my blog a photo everyday of 2021. It was a challange with myself, it was not easy to take a (nice) photo every single day of the year but I succeeded. Not every image is actually good but it’s ok, during this year I (re)learnt to keep my eyes wide open after a lot of months locked in my flat due the pandemic situation. So tonight I’ll took the last photo of the project and I am really excited for it (I’ll post it tomorrow morning, I guess).

Since tomorrow it begins a new year of photography, it will be exciting and different than 2021, but I’ll go on putting my love and my passion in what I do and I hope you will enjoy it.

So can’t wait to find out what 2022 will bring to me and my photography. I wish you to keep your eyes always open and to fill it with love and wonder.

Thank you for being here.
See you in 2022, if you want.



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