1st Prize at Street Photography In The World – Ricoh Contest

Even in 2020 there is a place for a surprising good news! Today my photo Little Red Riding Hood won the amazing contest organized by Ricoh and Street photography in the world! I need just a moment to realize how proud I am for this achievement, the 50 photos in the final selection are really stunning and I still can’t believe for this incredible surprise!! I’m so happy, can’t wait to take photos with my new GR III Street Edition!!!

 I’ve always seen the rain not as “bad weather”, but as an amplifier of emotions. I like to take photos under the rain to create a sort of dreamlike reality. It’s not accidental that the girl in this image, that I called “Little Red Riding Hood”, seems to be profoundly alone. With this photo I tried to capture a melancholy never fully taking shape, but which is there, latent, in everyone life, evoking a sense of human isolation, a common feeling in large cities

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