Distant But Close

The world through your windows. This album is realized by you, it’s just a way to be closer in the distance, during the lockdown caused by the Covid19 emergency. I’m trying to map the world outside your windows in this difficult time, where we can’t leave our houses. Send me your photo here: a.trerotoli@gmail.com (and, if you want, add a line to describe the scene).

All the pictures will be posted in the album on my Facebook page: the name of the album is Distant But Close.

Please send me your image and spread the word!

Photo by Marco (New York City, USA)
Photo by Valentina (Roma, Italy)
Photo by Matteo (San Miniato, Italy)
Photo by Elettra (Roma, Italy)
Photo by Claudia (Peschiera Borromeo, Italy)
Photo by Isabella (Roma, Italy)
Photo by Ana Lucia (Curitiba, Brazil)
“That is my view in the morning: sunrays of ending summer. I wish bright and peaceful days to us all”
Tania (Roma, Italy)
“It’s the cloistered nuns’ garden that I see from my studio apartment. For this reason I never see anybody walking there, just the gardener. They are locked up for their own choice whereas we are locked up to have the possibilty to choose again”
Maria José (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
“It’s not the greatest view ever from this window, but it seems that in these days of quarantine will rain a lot. You can see the central station of Retiro (where the trains go to the North), the road is Avenida del Libertador and behind there is the harbor of Buenos Aires. Usually you can see the horizon of the river but it’s mixed up with the clouds”


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