About Wedding Photography


I don’t like labels, but if I have to describe myself, I could say that I am a Fine Art Photographer or maybe a Street Photographer (because I can’t define myself “artist”, it’s something that only other people can tell about you, I guess). The most of my work is about urban photography, as you know, but sometimes I also do wedding photography. When? Only for friends that ask me so, as a gift, or for people that permit me to shoot it in my way, as a reportage, as a street photographer. This is my condition.

Everyone can shoot pictures of the bride and groom with their parents and grandparents, everybody smiling at the camera (not the grandma, that looks otherways), you can also ask to a friend with a smartphone for that kind of pictures. I know, sometimes you have to take also this kind of pictures, but maybe you can do it in a funny way. So, I like to take pictures at wedding, but I have to do it in my way. I have a huge respect for this kind of photography and some wedding photographers are truly artists to me (my inspirations are Assunta Simone – her pictures are really amazing – or Rosario Oddo). In this post I’m going to show you a very small selection of my wedding pictures, just to show you my way to work.

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