Travel Photography by Callie Eh


It’s monday. The best way to begin a new week is watching a breathless gallery of beautiful pictures. Today I want to introduce you a great travel photographer, Callie Eh, from Malaysia: “I got my first DSRL 2008 and started taking photos during my travel. While I always enjoyed capturing the special moments but for me becoming a photographer is not something I have planned in the first place. I knew that i felt passionate about it but never take it really seriously, well not until 2015  when I came to Poland by chance of coincidence I met G coffee Company owner Gaston Sitbon, he seemed to really love my photographs and would love exhibit my photos at his cafe, since then the passion of photography is growing intensely. My passion for photography has changed my view of the world. I travel to different countries, and document my exploration through my camera. I love to photograph human interest and cultural of people. My goal is to show people with my photos that can warm their heart and the same feeling that I have brought to the photograph”.

So let’s warm your heart too and enjoy this beautiful gallery. Thank you Callie!

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