Rome Film Festival 2006-2016

The 12th edition of Rome Film Festival will begin tomorrow. Since 2006, I’ve always been there, watching movies, meeting actors and, obviously, taking pictures. In this gallery a little selection of my best shots, to the people, to the actors, to everybody…

[Looking for more inspiration? Join us in the group Living Is Easy With One Eye Closed, and if you want to follow my daily diaries from the Festival, in italian, take a look to my cineblog Una Vita da Cinefilo]

RomaFF01Tom Cruise

RomaFF02Tim Roth

Al Pacino

Gael Garcia Bernal

RomaFF05George Clooney

RomaFF06Meryl Streep

RomaFF07Back To The Future

RomaFF08Auditorium Parco della Musica

RomaFF09Bill Nighy

RomaFF10Matthew Modine

RomaFF11John Hurt

RomaFF12bWes Anderson

RomaFF16Park Chan Wook

RomaFF17Tomas Milian


RomaFF19Viggo Mortensen




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