10 Beautiful Spots To Take Photos In Rome

Rome. ROMA. The eternal city. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Maybe the best one to visit: we have sun, delicious food, tons of history, nice people and, for a photographer, incredible spots to take pictures. I tried to write a list with ten beautiful places you shouldn’t miss in your roman trip, maybe it could be helpful…

Giardino degli Aranci
If you like panoramic photography, this is the spot you are looking for. A garden on the top of Aventine Hill (Colle Aventino, next to Circo Massimo metro station), where you can take beautiful picture of the city and declare your love to someone, as well! I suggest to go there during the sunset, where the atmosphere is really magic.

If you love Street Photography, Trastevere is the place to go! In this beautiful area sometimes you have to face the massive tourism, but if you go there in the morning, you can find tracks of the ancient soul. A lot of Romans still live there, living the street, the small café, the amazing alleys. Once you are in Trastevere, try to go to Gianicolo as well: the stunning view will make your day.

Trinità dei Monti
Above Spanish Steps you can find a church: Trinità dei Monti. Then, looking at the church, go left and walk… It’s the street that lead to Villa Borghese and the beautiful panoramic spot known as Pincio. On this street you can find romantic moments for a sort of romance photography… By the way, it’s full of tourists, but if you are lucky you can find good situations to take pictures.

Garbatella is maybe my favorite place in Roma. Well, it’s where I’m living, so it’s easy to say so… Actually, it’s really one of the most characteristic areas in the city, it’s full of small and beautiful buildings, little gardens, people that lives the street as in a small village. Walking in Garbatella you can really find a lot of secret treasures. Street Photographers will love it.

EUR is definitely a strange and a litte surreal spot. Here you can take pictures far from the cliché of Rome, with ancient monuments or old buildings. EUR is also very good if you like architecture photography. To discover.

Centro Storico
I know, this is not a good tip. Historical Centre of Rome is obvious and full, full, full of tourists, so it’s seems to be a bad spot to take pictures. But… If you can, try to go there in the early morning, like 8 am, and breath: you can really enjoy the history of Roma and you can take beautiful pictures in quiet empty places (where usually  there is a lot of people).

Tor Marancia
Tor Marancia is not easy to reach but it’s really nice if you love Street Art. It’s the attempt (succeeded) to requalification of the suburbs, with entire buildings covered by murales and beautiful works. Other places interesting for Street Art are Quadraro (Metro Porta Furba), Trullo and Ostiense (Between Piramide and Garbatella).

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
ROMA 2015 007
The Roman Chinatown is one of the most beautiful places if you want to take street photos. The square is pretty unique in Rome, with colums and arcades on every side. Near the station, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is something really different: if you like food markets don’t miss to take pictures in the amazing Mercato Esquilino, it’s like a jump in another world.

San Lorenzo
san lorenzo
San Lorenzo is the student area of Roma. Close to Università La Sapienza, a lot of students go there for a drink, to dance or to watch a football game in a bar. Great spot for street photography: in the morning and in the afternoon the popular soul of the streets comes out, but be careful at night and keep your camera safe from snatchs…

Castel Sant’Angelo/Vaticano
ROMA 2013 013
Another pretty obvious spot that you can really enjoy in the early morning or by night, when nobody (more or less) will be there. After the sunset, when the lights turn on, Castel Sant’Angelo and its beautiful bridge are really a good place to take pictures (and San Pietro is also really close…).

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