My 10 Most Influential Photographers

I admire a lot of photographers, sometimes I look at a picture and I think: “I’d like to shoot in this way”. Other photographers are one of my engines, from their pictures I can distill motivation and inspiration, every day, every moment. I tried to write down a list of the 10 most influential photographers of my life, either masters, either contemporaries. I’m not able to do a Top 10, so the list is in alphabetical order.

Jak Baruh
As I already told in this post, this turkish photographer was the spark that inspired the creation of my series Urban Melodies. I owe him a lot.

Margaret Bourke-White
Few years ago I’ve read her biography and her life was really an inspiration to me. I love her way to photograph, her passion, her incredible strenght.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
What I can say about HCB? He’s the master of the masters, my first inspiration, maybe the one that made me love photography.

Robert Doisneau
Another incredible master. His famous “kiss” is hanged on the wall of my room. His eye really influenced my way to take pictures.

Eric Kim
Eric is the most interesting blogger of our times. He teached me how care less about “likes” and enjoy more what I love to shoot. His blog is my breakfast, the best way to begin a new day. Furthermore, his street portraits are really great.

Josef Koudelka
“When you live in a place for a long time, you start becoming blind because you don’t observe anything more. I travel to don’t become blind”. Josef’s words are the first line of my book. If I could meet a photographer, I’d like to meet Josef Koudelka.

Saul Leiter
Maybe my favorite color photographer. His pictures can teach us that street photography is not only in black and white. One of the greatest photographers ever, in my opinion.

Vivian Maier
We all know her incredible story. Her way to tell people and neighborhood was awesome, almost unique. Can’t help to look at her photos, a great inspiration.

Rosario Oddo
Rosario is a film photographer from Chile. I love her way to tell her life, her friends, her travels, her experiences. Her way to look at the daily life is surprising and very inspiring to me. I love so much her style, it’s a sort of vintage photography of the modern age.

Marius “Vice” Vieth
Marius is really a good guy, always full of enthusiasm and passion. His famous article about 365 Project was a huge, huge inspiration for me. In some way he changed my way to look at the streets. His support for me is something precious and I can’t stop to thank him.

Other Influential Artists:
Edward Hopper, François Truffaut, Bruce Springsteen, David Lynch, Alex Webb, Stanley Kubrick, Wim Wenders, Masashi Wakui, William Turner, Fritz Lang, Ara Guler, Brassai and many others…

[Looking for more inspiration? Join us in the group Living Is Easy With One Eye Closed]


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