Tram 19

My last project is finally finished… Like the last two years, I did a new “Roma Coast to Coast”, a walking trip through my city. In the first two walks I followed the track of the two lines of the roman underground, watching the different faces of my city. Last tuesday I followed the track of the most important streetcar of Rome: Tram 19: 44 stops along 14,3 kilometers. From south-east to north-west, from Centocelle to the Vatican, through Pigneto, San Lorenzo, Coppedè, Parioli and Prati. Tram 19 is the iron artery that crosses Rome: it’s the longest line of a streetcar and also the most charming one, where you can meet students, workers, romans, foreigners, artists and priests. From Piazza dei Gerani to Piazza Risorgimento, it’s been a journey between sacred and profane, among the popular Rome and the bourgeois Rome, the multiethnic Rome and the touristic Rome. Here a gallery with a selection of photos (you can see the complete gallery on my Facebook page).

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