How to win “World Press Photo”

This morning it’s been announced the winner of World Press Photo 2017. Before that, french newspaper Liberation made a research to understand which kind of photos usually win this important prize. Since 1955 we have 58 Best Pictures: let’s take a look at their characteristics.

Photographer: 54 times the prize went to a man from USA or Europe, more or less a 35 year old.

Where: The most of the winning pictures were taken in Asia (17) or Middle East (11). Vietnam is the most photographed country, especially during the war. Here a map of all the places, with year and photo.

Themes: The most photographed theme is war (24 on 58), then natural catastrophes (7 on 58). In almost half ot the images of war there is a child, and in 17 images on 58 there is someone dead or that is going to die, like the famous “burning monk” in 1963 (protest images are 6 on 58).

Colors: Black and white was the only way to shoot, for more then a decade. Colors came in 1967. The ’80 were the decade of colors, but the ’90 saw a return of black and white photography.

Frame: The first winning image was also the only one in a squared frame. Usually the winning images are rectangulars and horizontals. But the last winning photo, this morning, is vertical.

World Press Photo of the Year


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