Cinema around the world

Academy Awards are gone, but cinema, of course, is universal. Today I want to show you a gallery of pictures of cinemas around the world, the crowd, the passion and how every little town in the farest corner of this planet has its own cinema, its own screening. Every photo belongs to its rightful owner.


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Pizza and Street Photography

You can do Street Photography everywhere: this is a dogma. Last monday, for example, an inauguration party in a roman pizzeria became a good occasion to take pictures to the crowd. This kind of event is quite interesting because you can approach people without explanations (and taste good pizza as well!). Here some shots of the event. And remember: the best subject to photograph is whatever happens around your life.


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How to win “World Press Photo”

This morning it’s been announced the winner of World Press Photo 2017. Before that, french newspaper Liberation made a research to understand which kind of photos usually win this important prize. Since 1955 we have 58 Best Pictures: let’s take a look at their characteristics.

Photographer: 54 times the prize went to a man from USA or Europe, more or less a 35 year old.

Where: The most of the winning pictures were taken in Asia (17) or Middle East (11). Vietnam is the most photographed country, especially during the war. Here a map of all the places, with year and photo.

Themes: The most photographed theme is war (24 on 58), then natural catastrophes (7 on 58). In almost half ot the images of war there is a child, and in 17 images on 58 there is someone dead or that is going to die, like the famous “burning monk” in 1963 (protest images are 6 on 58).

Colors: Black and white was the only way to shoot, for more then a decade. Colors came in 1967. The ’80 were the decade of colors, but the ’90 saw a return of black and white photography.

Frame: The first winning image was also the only one in a squared frame. Usually the winning images are rectangulars and horizontals. But the last winning photo, this morning, is vertical.

World Press Photo of the Year

Photo of the day #79

If Edward Hopper was alive, I think today he could draw a paint like this: urban alienation, the cold neon of capitalism, a frame from a modern noir movie. A great image of street photography realized in Osaka, Japan, by Yuji Ishizaki. I love the darkness around the character, you can really feel the sense of solitude, the melancholic mood of his thoughs. Amazing picture, amazing!

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Photo of the day #78

In Street Photography there are lot of rules, but the best comes when you break the rules. Patterns, for example. Patterns are aesthetically pleasing, but the best is when the pattern is interrupted. For this reason and for others, I think this is a great picture, realized by polish photographer Elwira Kruszelnicka. The right half of the photo seems to be darker than the left one: look at the windows. It seems as the man, walking, took off  all the darkness behind him. I really love this shot. It’s amazing, it’s what I love in Street Photography: the awesome beauty of daily life seen by an artistic point of view. Thanks Elwira!

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