My 2016 in pictures

Another year is going and another one is coming… This 2016 was another year of memories, frames, photos, friends, love. Another year to remember… In this gallery you can see my 2016 in pictures: little frames I took on my way, in my life. I wish you the best, hope that your 2016 was good as mine, or better, and hope that your 2017 will be awesome. Always keep in mind three simple words: Live, Love, Laugh.


Photo of the day #75

Only ten minutes ago I was telling to my flatmate that I’d like to learn saxophone. Suddenly, I met this picture and it was like an epiphany. It’s absolutely great! This awesome shot was taken in Bucharest, Romania, by Mirela Momanu and it really made my day. You can “listen” the picture: the women chatting on the bench and the deep sound of the jazz man that lives through his shadow (ok, maybe is just a painting on the door, but who cares? It’s great). This is Jazz Club!


Roma Street Photography

Next sunday (18 December), in Rome, there will be the first official exhibition organized by Roma Street Photography. Since 17 to 20, more than twenty photographers and sixty pictures to tell daily life through the streets of Rome. If you are in Roma next weekend, you can’t miss it. By the way, I’ll be there with two photos. Sunday 18 December, 17-20, Via Germanico 103.

More info here.


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“Roma” by Reuven Halevi

Last week I was talking with the founder of the community of Roma Street Photography: in our opinion street photos in Rome are not so diffused like in other cities like Paris, New York, Berlin or Tokyo, for example. Curiously, few days after I’ve discovered this beautiful series about Rome realized by norwegian photographer and artist Reuven Halevi. His vision of Rome is really great, there is the city as I know it, but also something different: the shadows, the lights, the high and stunning use of colors: “This is my current project and my primary focus”, Reuven said, “It is an edit of photos I took in Rome, the city I’ve lived in, more or less happily, for the last year and a half. This is my everyday normalcy. I feel it is the most honest, raw and, in some ways, most ‘problematic’ series I’ve worked on”. So take a look at the gallery, it really worths.


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8 Dicembre

Hi everybody. This post is for people that lives in Rome, or that will be in Rome next thursday. I’ll be all day long (since early morning to night) in via dei Latini, in the San Lorenzo area, with a stall full of little photographs. If you are in Rome, come to visit me!

E ora in italiano: l’8 dicembre sarò per TUTTO il giorno al Mercatino Anticrisi di via dei Latini a San Lorenzo (Roma) con una bancarella piena di fotografie in formato cartolina, da usare come biglietti d’auguri natalizi, segnalibri o come piccole finestrelle colorate da appendere sul frigo o sul muro della vostra stanza. Queste sono solo alcune delle foto che troverete al mercatino, ma ce ne saranno moltissime altre (soltanto a 1 euro!)… Passate a trovarmi!