Nouvelle Vague

I saw Peter Pan’s shadow
playing with a guy
sorted out from a Truffaut’s movie



My brand new “Urban Melodies” from Berlin

At the end of October I was in Berlin for the third time in six years, this time I’ve discovered the real colors of the autumn, that really influenced my new works. Here my new set of pictures, from my series “Urban Melodies”, an abstract representation of urban landscapes and contemporary life (if you need to refresh your memory about that, take a look here). I really hope in 2017 to show you a new city through my Urban Melodies, let’s see… So, here my new set, as always you can say “it sucks!” or “it’s amazing”, or whatever you want in the comments.


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“Through a Glass Darkly” by Nick Turpin

Today I want to show you an awesome gallery from English Photographer Nick Turpin. Nick spent lot of time under the rain, in the cold nights of London, to take pictures at people in the bus. It’s a very interesting project that I always wanted to realize, but I’ve never had the talent or the courage that Nick really has: “These pictures of London Bus passengers in the winter months were made at night from a raised platform with a long lens hand held at 1/40th second, on the limits of what modern camera sensors can record”. You can watch the full gallery here on Nick’s website.


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Photo of the day #74

Leonard Cohen is dead. This is the first news I’ve read the moment I woke up today. It was a horrible news, so I’m listening his songs once again on every radio and I’m thinking a lot about him. Later, I was looking for a picture to feature for my “photo of the day” and I’ve seen this beautiful image. Don’t ask me why, but I’m immediatly thinked about a Leonard Cohen’s song. This lonely man in a bar made me think about a piano man, melancholic and maybe sad. I think this shot, taken in Berlin, is really perfect for my mood today. The author is the italian photographer Luca Imperiale, that I suggest you to follow: his pictures are like covers of books that I would like to read, or covers of vynils that I’d like to listen.


Happy Birthday “Living Easy”

The time goes by… Last year, today, I was writing this post, the first post of this blog, beginning a new adventure that gave me joy and satisfactions. It’s great to see how “Living is Easy with One Eye Closed” is followed and appreciated by you, the real engine of this blog. After a year and almost 200 posts, I can confirm the lines I wrote one year ago: “This is my new blog, it’s going to be a place where I’ll share with you the best photos of other photographers, galleries, projects, photowalks, tips, news and stories about my work and lot of other beautiful things. Hope that “Living is Easy” will be something different, something special for you. Like a safe place where breath photography, inspiration, a kind of magic“. So, excuse me for this sort of selfcelebration, but the first year of this blog was an important goal for me!

With my job it’s not easy to be always present on this blog, but I’m trying to do my best, and I hope to make “Living Easy” always better for you!

Thank you so much for being here.



Photo of the day #73

Last week I was in Berlin to partecipate at some very interesting workshops. It was my third time in this beautiful city, and I still would be there to enjoy the beautiful mood of Berlin at night. I’m still thinking about Berlin and what I see today? This beautiful image taken by italian photographer Massimiliano Vecchi, that really made my day. It’s a great street scene: I love the lights on the left, that suggest all the dynamism of the city, but I also love the position of this man on the bench, waiting for the bus. Great photo, I can watch it and think to be in Berlin again. Well done!