“Zebra the City” by Tadashi Onishi

Tadashi Onishi is a japanese photographer. Through his pictures in black and white, high-contrasted, he reveals the dialogue between daily life, design and architecture, in very different and interesting ways. His Tokyo seems to be full of patterns, and he’s like someone that can see something where everybody else can’t. Tadashi plays with lights and shadows, hats, umbrellas, t-shirts or pedestrian crossings, and he shows to us his Zebra the City. Enjoy this very beautiful gallery!


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Rio 2016

Hi! I’m back in Rome from my deserved holidays, ready to begin a new year of work, a new year of pictures, a new year also with you. This year I hope to update my blog constantly, in order to have an open door to exchange with you opinions and comments about photography. Well, let’s start this new era of “Living Easy” with an outstanding gallery from Olympics Games in Rio. All pictures were taken in the first days of the Games (and, as usual, all the images┬ábelong to their respective owners).

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