Roma Coast to Coast – Linea B1

Do you remember my project Roma Coast to Coast? I walked for 21 km last year and for another 21 km last month (along all the stations of the roman underground, Line A and Line B). Well, Line B has a little ramification with other four stations, so I walked again, but only for 5 km, to take new pictures and complete my project. You can find all the pictures of this project on my Facebook page Alessio Trerotoli Photographer, but here you can take a look at a little selection.

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Photo of the day #68

Photo of the day today comes from Barcelona, Spain, a great city for street photography. The author is the spanish photographer Sergi Escribano. Sergi’s work is full of great images in black and white (and not only), but in this one, Ripper Street, I can see a story, a mood, something really awesome. I love the lights, the architecture of this beautiful street, and that shadow walking through this scene. There is a sense of fear, but I can’t stop watching. Great picture!


New York City

Five years ago I went to New York City for the first time in my life. I’ve never been in New York City before, but I knew it through movies, music, pictures… Well, when I traveled to the Big Apple I walked around taking pictures. Finally, through street photography, I’ve discovered its daily life, its characters, its heroes and it was much better than what I’ve seen in the movies… Here a selection of images. I think NYC is one of the best place in the world for street photography, so I ask you: which is your favourite one (as a photographer but also as a reader/viewer)?

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Photo of the day #67

Photo of the day today comes from Rome, Italy. It’s a perfect black and white realized by Iraqi photographer Fadi Daood. The picture is been taken near the Vatican, the columns you see are part of the Basilica di San Pietro. I love this picture for the sense of peace and the impressiveness that it trasmits. And, for me, it’s really incredible to see this spot, usually full of people and tourists, so empty and quite. This is Proportions, great picture!