Photo of the day #65

Next month I’ll be in Lisbon, Portugal, for a few days. Everybody told me that it’s a beautiful place for street photography, so I’ve decided to search some image of the city trying to understand its mood. Finally I’ve seen Joao Cruz Santos‘ beautiful work: it’s stunning. I love his Opposite Lifes: the light in the middle and this unpredictable meeting between two strangers, that crossed their steps for a moment and then continued to go on to their living… And what about the dark sky, the night? It’s great. I really love this picture.




2 thoughts on “Photo of the day #65

  1. I had trouble seeing it (only 2 inches high). There is a way in WordPress to click on the link symbol in the menu bar above the picture while importing and add a link so it opens a little larger. If you want to that is 🙂


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