Photo of the day #66

This wonderful image comes from Paris, and the author is the great photographer LoKee. The mood of this picture is really awesome, the darkness around this stair and the character in yellow: Dernier effort vers la premiere metro (last effort to the first train) is definitely one of my favorite photos of the day ever. Great shot!



Photo of the day #65

Next month I’ll be in Lisbon, Portugal, for a few days. Everybody told me that it’s a beautiful place for street photography, so I’ve decided to search some image of the city trying to understand its mood. Finally I’ve seen Joao Cruz Santos‘ beautiful work: it’s stunning. I love his Opposite Lifes: the light in the middle and this unpredictable meeting between two strangers, that crossed their steps for a moment and then continued to go on to their living… And what about the dark sky, the night? It’s great. I really love this picture.



Roma Coast to Coast – Part II… Coming soon!

Last year I made my first Roma Coast to Coast, a long photo walk (21 km!) along the first line of the underground, from Battistini to Anagnina, touching every station, observing with my camera the differences between the suburbs, the Vatican area and the historical centre. Finally, after eight hours, I arrived in the last station, in the middle of the country.

Well, next 5 April I’ll do the sequel, the part II, a new adventure: I’ll walk along the second line of the underground, from Rebibbia to Laurentina to tell with the camera other stories from my city. A street photography project that you can follow on my Facebook page, and in real time on Twitter and Instagram, through the official hashtag #RomaCoastToCoast. Come with me in this new trip!

Roma Coast to Coast B

Roma Coast to Coast shirt

“Chart Vader” by Ashly Stohl

Today I wanna show you a very interesting project, so tender, so beautiful. Chart Vader is been realized by american photographer Ashly Stohl, that says about it: “Charth Vader is the alter ego of Charlie, my third and youngest child. Charlie is the baby of the family – he’s sweet, funny, and lighthearted, but he has always been obsessed with Darth Vader. Just like his brother, Charlie is visually impaired. He has a condition called Ocular Albinism, which means that even with glasses, his vision is limited. While this can be a great disadvantage, it makes him “see” the world in a totally unique way. Charth Vader is a little guy in a big world, and is constantly frustrated by how little power he has. He is willing to use his Jedi powers to get what he wants. I think that Charlie is going to need that kind of persistence in life – hopefully for good, not evil”.

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Photo of the day #63

Photo of the day today comes from United States (I guess…). I think museums are good places for street photography, because it’s possible to play with people and artworks: Italian photographer Giacomo Tiberia knows it, and he took this great photo, where composition, colors and timing are really perfect. I don’t know which place it is, but The eagle and the lady is great. Well done!

Update: Giacomo just told me that this great picture was taken in Venice, at the Biennale.